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Online Casino Guides—in Depth 2019

84% of online shoppers trust reviews as much as their friends. If you’re one of them, you probably understand why online casino guides are essential. You want to join the best gambling site. But who do you get an expert opinion from?

A detailed online casino guide can help you find safe casinos without spending too much time on research. Review websites do the hard work of verifying secure sites, confirming licenses are genuine and testing welcome bonuses.

There’s more. Casino comparison platforms find out which software providers casinos use. They play the games to test their efficiency, features found in them and the kinds of free spins you receive by playing such games.

By the time a top-quality casino review website suggests you accept bonuses from a particular casino, they’re confident in their picks. They know you’ll love the sites and come back looking for more recommendations.

Of course, there’s more to online casinos than bonuses, which is why online guides are divided into multiple groups. You can quickly get guides about bingo or blackjack, live dealers or slots. Yet, you can find tips and strategies to improve your gaming skills.

What are Online Casinos?

Most people have a fair idea of what the words online casinos mean. They are websites and apps that provide gambling games like slot machines, blackjack and poker. You join the platforms to wager your money for a chance to win more.

Online casinos have a long history that dates back to the mid-1990s. Like all industries, one company came up with the idea before more websites launched. The sector faced innumerable challenges back then, notably government resistance, inferior technology and fraud.

Fortunately, some casinos learned from their challenges and improved their services. More websites joined along the way, forging an industry worth billions of dollars.

The average modern casino is licensed, mobile responsive, and features all major gambling games. You receive slots, roulettes, blackjack, bingo and Keno on the same website or app. And because there’s a high demand for safe, secure and fair sites, the best casinos are independently audited for fairness.

Most casino guides provide suggestions based on the factors highlighted above. You get a review for secure websites, proposals for casinos with bonuses and recommendations to mobile-friendly gaming apps.

What are some of the best Casino Guides?

  • Slots Bonuses

Slots compromise of 70% of all games you find on gambling sites. So, it’s not surprising that many bonus comparison website prioritises slots bonuses over other games. Fortunately, slots come in all designs. They’re themed after everything relevant in the society and feature the most lucrative bonuses in online casinos.

If you’ve never played slots before, you’ll be astonished at quickly you’ll learn to play them. There’s no formula or skill needed. If you can click a computer button, you can play slots. The games are also cheap. With a budget of €10, you could place up to 100 bets of €0.10.

Slots bonuses mostly come in the form of free spins. You may get 50 free spins on the Game of Thrones game. When you decide to play the game, your bankroll is substituted with the free spins so that you wager 50 times without spending your money.

  • Secure Online Casinos

Remember how we said reliable gaming websites are on demand? Online casino gambling guides understand your concern and go into details to help you find secure platforms.

Casino security is defined not only by web safety standards but also on games’ fairness and a website’s ability to pay out. Because of this, the best casino games guide does more than show you certificates held by companies. They also point out licenses, certificates providing the house is audited and details showing how the casino deals with payments.

  • Free Spins No Deposit Casinos

In an industry where risking your money is the order of the day, no deposit free spins are life-saving. You get these gifts for creating an account, sometimes even before you deposit money. It is not easy to find them, hence why you need an online casino bonus guide to find the best ones.

While they come in small amounts, no deposit free spins serve an essential purpose. They help you experience playing on a new casino without risking your cash.

A few gambling sites allow you to keep your wins without a fight. But be prepared to fulfil a website’s terms and conditions if you want to unlock the money.

Casino Tips & Tricks

Winning casino games isn’t always easy, but the right online casino guide can help increase your odds. How does this happen? Leave it to the experts to give you tips and tricks to beat the house in blackjack, poker, roulette and even slots.

Of course, tips and tricks are different from skills. So, don’t get all your hopes high. A reliable casino guide online may help you know when to fold. You discover strategies to reduced losses at slots or beat the dealer at blackjack.

Why should you check Online Casino Guides?

You can find most of the information published on casino guides alone. So, why do you need casino review websites? Your time—Comparison platforms spend hundreds of hours finding the best casinos. Your job is to read the reviews and join your preferred casino.

Guides also help save your money.  If you were to evaluate casinos individually, you would need to deposit cash into the casinos and test their services. If you join an unsafe platform, they steal your money. Casino guides lead you to safe websites so that you don’t have to deal with fraudulent companies.

On the best review websites, you also find tips, strategies and tricks to increase your wins. You can’t learn these trips unless you read them. Bonuses, free spins and ranking casinos based on their games are additional bits of knowledge you get from the best casino guides.


In an age where online safety is of paramount importance, don’t take any risks. Always read online casino guides before joining new websites. Compare bonuses to spot quality offers and subscribe to newsletters to get suggestions for new casinos in real time.