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Sticky Bonuses

Most online casinos entice new players and reward existing players with generous bonuses. The bonus can range from meager amounts to lucrative amounts up to a ceiling of 100% match up.

However, most of these bonuses are sticky bonuses and come at a price. So what are sticky bonuses and what’s the catch? How do these sticky casino bonuses differ from normal bonuses? Let’s find out.

What are Sticky Casino Bonuses?

A sticky casino bonus also known as a non-cashable bonus is a bonus you can bet on but can never withdraw. Sticky bonuses must be wagered and are for play purposes. You can withdraw any winnings from the bonus, but the bonus cannot be converted to real money.

Sticky bonuses are offered by most online casinos. They are given as an incentive to players to motivate them to continue playing on the casino’s platform. Sticky bonuses are captivating thanks to the huge match up percentages of up to 400%. And they offer the player a chance to win variable profits.

Why do casinos offer sticky bonuses? Well, these bonuses are the fuel that motivates players to continue playing. They secure funds for wagering requirements. Most sign up bonuses offered by casinos are sticky bonuses.

Sticky bonuses are rather tempting because they offer a player huge funds to bet and play with. They are a good opportunity for high rollers but not for new players with limited budgets.

So how do Sticky Bonuses work?

Let’s say you join a casino offering a sticky match up bonus of 300% up to £300. If you accept the bonus, you will have £900, but £450 is yours, and the other £450 belongs to the casino. in short, it’s like you’re borrowing £300 from the casino. to gain the maximum benefits, we recommend you stake the whole £900 to have an edge. If you lose, you lose £450 only, which is the bonus money that the casino takes back. If he wins, he has to comply with the bonus terms and conditions before cashing out.

However, the wagering requirements for sticky bonuses are meager compared to those for non-sticky bonuses.

Where can you find Sticky Bonuses?

Wondering where to find sticky online casino bonuses? Look no further than these online casinos:

LeoVegas Casino

With over 1000+ games to explore and a generous welcome package, LeoVegas casino is an experience in itself. It has one of the best casino mobile applications. LeoVegas casino offers its players a non-sticky bonus match up of 200% up to £200 and 50 free spins. If you win, you get to cancel the bonus and withdraw and will only need to wager if you hit the bonus balance.

Rizk Casino

Rizk Casino is one of the most innovative and exciting online gaming providers. It has thrilling casino rewards and a ton of exciting games. Rizk Casino offers its players a non-sticky bonus of 200% match up to £100 on their first deposit. The wagering requirement is 40X the bonus amount before you can withdraw your funds.

Play OJO Casino

Play OJO casino offers 700+ games and plenty of slot action with lucrative bonuses to its players. Play OJO casino has a unique approach to bonuses and promotions. It offers an on-going cashback bonus with no wagering requirements to its players. You get cashback on every bet you place on a game. It offers a non-sticky bonus on your first deposit of £10 and up to 80 free spins.

How are Sticky Bonuses different from normal ones?

Unlike normal bonuses (cashable bonuses), you cannot withdraw a sticky bonus. With the sticky bonus, your money becomes the bonus money which you cannot cash out when you meet the wagering requirements. A normal bonus is added directly to your account, and as long as you meet the withdrawal requirements, you can cash out your winnings.

With the best sticky casino bonuses, you have a chance to earn a lot more money compared to normal bonuses with up to 200% or 400% bonus match on your initial deposit. Normal bonuses, on the other hand, offer a maximum deposit match up of 100%.

How does a player know a casino bonus is sticky or non-sticky? Simple. Look at the bonus terms and conditions or contact casino support before accepting the bonus. Also, keep in mind “dream bonuses” are often sticky bonuses. If a bonus is 400%, chances are high it’s a sticky bonus.

What are the different types of Sticky Bonuses?

There are two main types of online casino sticky bonuses: the “phantom” sticky bonus used by the bigger software providers and the “variations” which less common and used by the smaller software providers.

Phantom” bonus

The “phantom” sticky bonus, also known as the disappearing sticky bonus is the most common and is also known as sticky type 1. It can be found in Microgaming, Playtech and Real Time Gaming casinos. The bonus is topped up to your deposit, and you can stake and play the bonus.

To make a withdrawal, your bonus is deducted from your balance. The good thing with the “phantom bonus” is that when you wager the bonus, you get to keep the winnings and you don’t have to pay any losses. “Phantom bonuses” disappear when you make your first withdrawal from your account.

Variation bonus

Smaller software providers such as Parlay, Grand Virtual, Wager21, and Chartwell use different types of sticky bonuses: sticky type 2 bonuses, also known as variation bonus or expiration date sticky bonus.  This variation bonus is pretty rare and involves one or both of the following differences:

  • The bonus stays in your account after the withdrawal. You meet the wagering requirements, cash out your winnings and continue to bet on the bonus.
  • When you incur losses and your bonus balance drops, you can cash out immediately any wins on the remaining balance. It is not a must you exceed your original bonus balance to withdraw your winnings.

This makes this type of bonus very lucrative.


Sticky bonuses are exciting due to the large match up percentages and a chance to win variable profits, unlike non-sticky bonuses. It is quite challenging to tell if sticky bonuses are advantageous to normal bonuses or vice versa. At the end of the day, it all trickles down to the type of casino, the player’s appetite for risks and gambling preferences.

Keep in mind, as a new player, do not be dazzled by the lucrative welcome bonuses without taking the necessary precautions. It is crucial you find out if you are signing up for a sticky or non-sticky bonus. Get familiar with the terms and conditions before gaming.