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Danger High Voltage Stream Team Challenge!

It would only be fitting to launch our first Stream Team challenge with everyone’s favourite game.

The rules are simple.

Each streamer gets 1000 spins. This will be broken up into 150 spins per stream. If a streamer plays more than 150 spins of DHV on stream then only their 1st 150 spins on DHV for that stream will count towards the challenge.

Points are awarded for the following:

  1. 10 points for 1000x
  2. 5 points for a re trigger ( either DHV or Gates extra spins )
  3. 3 points for 4 scatters
  4. 2 points for 100x
  5. 1 point per bonus

The streamer can play their 150 spins at any stake level of their choosing.

Winner gets – DHV merchandise and Fruity Stream Team Crown for bragging rights…..

Loser forfeit – Undecided. Waiting for suggestions and the best idea from the viewers before we finalize this!

To keep track of streamers points our leader board can be seen here!

Vote for who you think will win to get a chance to win 100% winnings from a £1 DHV gates bonus played on stream after this challenge is completed.

To participate please vote using the widget below. VOTING WILL CLOSE ONE STREAMERS HAVE DONE APPROX 500 SPINS.


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i did ( josh ) – obviously!