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  1. This game is something special when it wants to be. Be sure to check out the sequel to this that released yesterday. https://fruityslots.com/slots/mystery-mission-to-the-moon-slot-review/
  2. Absolutely huge! congrats
  3. Constructive criticism is all well and good but you talk like there's some sort of infallible way to beat the slots. There are no clues in slots, just RNG and a bit of luck. Of course, different slot choices can be made but you'll never know if it was a good choice or a bad one until you win or lose. Plus, sharing with viewers on how to be a responsible gambler and suggesting table games in the next breath seems contradictory to me. Unless we're talking Blackjack then table games can drain a balance faster than any slot can. At the end of the day it's all luck. We've all sat there trying to make an informed choice on what to play before it blows up in our face. The nature of the game.
  4. Boom! Enjoy that bank holiday. £2.70 left in the balance
  5. Mark Bowley

    Full line

    Still yet to see a full line of Rich Wilde myself. Nice one
  6. I suppose you could try clearing your cache on your computer and mobile to see if it’s that, or use a different browser, but it could be a them problem to be honest
  7. Thanks to @Henry_4thePlayer for taking the time to answer all of these great questions. You can find his answers and the winners here: https://fruityslots.com/4theplayer-answers-your-questions/
  8. What dreams are made of. Nice one!
  9. Is Sugar Rush Pragmatic Play's best slot to date? Check out this huge win on a €1 Stake! https://replay.pragmaticplay.net/lcNlWQ9Wbe
  10. Mark Bowley

    Max win

    my god!!! Absolutely huge. Nice!
  11. What do you think of the UK as a market compared to other jurisdictions? Is it difficult to navigate in comparison to MGA territory?
  12. It'll work until it doesnt. Sites like Stake say in their terms and conditions that they do not accept customers from the UK, as do other crypto sites. You might successfully sign up via a VPN, play the games, bonus buy etc, but when the day comes for you to cash out a big win then you might be stopped in your tracks. I get the appeal considering the UK restrictions, but it really isn't worth it in my opinion. Stake even requires ID and proof of address before you can even deposit crpyto now.
  13. Full line would have been epic but nice regardless!
  14. Not even 3 spins left on that stake! Last minute hero spin
  15. Mark Bowley

    Bugs life

    I'd burn the garage down.
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