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  1. They might since you never benefited from spinning max and let it slide this once since this is obviously just a mistake which as you said was only two spins until you noticed where as if you had done a full session of max spins then they would count it as trying to "beat the system for advantage play" and void the wagering and possibly any winnings. Although it really depends the casino site's decision maker and based off how others have been in a similar position fingers crossed I'd be inclined to say they would let it slide this once with a warning of "don't let this happen again, remember you are responsible for staying within the wagering terms and conditions". Does this site have a forum attached to it? Maybe someone on there has done the same thing and their outcome of the site's decision in favor of letting it slide which in your future correspondence with them if they decide the worst outcome you could quote the thread to them
  2. Get in there lets get them garrrys lol good luck
  3. Got lucky on Gold Cash Freespins, what usually takes a few £££ to land natural garrry bonus dropped in 1st spin. just managed to record the last count up lol.
  4. King Carrot will bring in the jackpot garrrys feeling it, Fingers crossed as usual for the Fruity Team. Good luck to all chosen aswell.
  5. return is 4963.28 Joshua round 5 win with opponant exhaustion and points towards
  6. 3482 but hoping for that mega jackpot garrry drop good luck Scotty and everyone guessing.
  7. Something not played for a while King Carrot garrrys for a jackpot cheers Scotty good luck to all chosen tonight
  8. Down to second last 20beans in spin when almost full screen of fish landed
  9. That seems like a solid plan to carry out but I do think I could have explained it better Its the changing a number say 17 to.... while the wheel spin counter is ticking down whilst the other numbers are chosen is when I start flustering over the choice but makeing no bet and then decide the change up in numbers rather than following that riduculous 15odd seconds before the wheel spin makes so much more sense and practical. Funny how when the obvious answer is pointed out from someone else things become clearer and logical. Your advice GROUNDisKEY is hugely appreciated I'll let you know how I get on deffinitely a good plan of action to follow Thank you
  10. As NoDeal above pointed out and I've mentioned in previous streams the VR market and to have some sort of physical feeling whilst playing slots online is really lacking for example you can have the reels operated with virtual hands to either drag individual reels spin or all at once, punching motions to stop the reel/s, bonuses that feel like you are playing those cash grab wind tunnel boxes, sports themed bonuses would be more exciting like playing a mini game of whichever sport against an AI or if the tech skills allow it against other slot players like a community interactive bonus where the prize is maybe ×200 or appropriately set to be divided between the top 3 scorers of game. Other benefits that could come from being the first to utilise VR would be partnerships with the VR companies for customised devices etc maybe extra free publicity and having major bragging rights within the gaming community. As far as I'm Know the nearest attempt of using any new visual/game hardware enhancements is with those new (a few years ago) terminals which have the Kinect eye motion detect built in and the displays that have the sudo 3d affects mainly in the USA so to have full VR in the UK available for casinos and other gaming venues first and then expand to the US market later would be an excellent way of helping us forget about the horrible unwanted forced regulations on us. Sounds more like a sales pitch but the questions are, How long until or if this will ever be done? Do you think it's worthwhile starting to put a development team together now especially now the whole VR / wearable accessories are technolgically becoming far more improved on and more available to the average person at reasonable prices? Finally even with no previous experience in coding slot games do you hire people purely based on their imagination/ways of visualising and showing how new slots could look and be played like? or even allow ordinary members of the public to submit their own ideas? side note to this, opening Q&A's like this is great maybe branching off this holding slot design competitions/forums could bring fresh ideas for new game mechanics. Thanks for the time doings this.
  11. Good old roulette, always wanted to get into it read loads of strategies online as you suggested and when it comes to putting the bet on the numbers my brain says nope not that one and then I spend the remainder of the time left to place it deciding which other number to pick. Other than following Scotty's and yours awesome method having a pre-set numbers list any advice for changing a number and not loosing the plot afterwards lol
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