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  1. Can I have some temple of treasure please Scotty boy, 2 and 2 for max max garries. If not your choice, good luck
  2. Hey Scotty, can I have some banana town please. Good luck I also ordered a Scotty mug for my birthday as well as your my favourite πŸ‘πŸ‘. Well done Newcastle for giving the mighty City a good game, you made us work hard for it
  3. Can I have some gorilla mayhem please Scotty if not your choice, good luck πŸ‘
  4. Temple of treasure, 1 and 3 please. Shelley style please
  5. Congrats mate. Never seen a Β£60 fish appear before
  6. Merlins revenge megaways please, if already picked anyone of your choice
  7. Here’s a few good ones 1. the maximiser 2. The toon crusher 3. the max slotter
  8. Evening Scotty Boy, bonus on Voodoo magic right hand side, if done already 100 spins of temple of treasure. If these have been done your choice please
  9. Evening Scotty, kong megaways please form the uber garies
  10. Hey Scotty boy, back for a second go. Please can I have some return of kong if not any slot of your choice. I want a hoodie choka block full of garies. πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ PS. Really loving your streams Scotty despite you being a Newcastle fan. Matthew Read
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