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  1. Thanks for your reply. I know you cannot beat the slots. Huge loss prevention is my point. If you see you're taking a loss then stop sooner.
  2. I enjoy watching your streams. I'm not having a go here (don't take this to heart), only sharing constructive criticism. After watching last night's stream it seemed like there was very little in the way of staking structure and the streamer tried all sorts to re-build the balance which resulted in a 4k loss in 2.5hrs. Your experience of streaming, playing on a regular basis should give you the clues you need in order to see what's happening on each game you play and from this information you can then take action accordingly. I'm not sure what the end goal of your stream is, weather you're simply demonstrating games on each online casino your promoting, or you're looking to turn a profit every time you stream. Or you have to live stream for a minimum amount of time. I don't know if you have any restrictions etc. Game selection, staking structure and damage limitation (Stop loss) are paramount here. If it's a raw balance no bonuses attached: - Take note of the starting balance each game you play. - Volatility dependent spend no more than the return of an average bonus for that game. - Radically reduce the stake to less than 1 euro. (Sure if you start winning you'll not get as much back on that stake compared to the 5 euro but it will be proportional and I think most of your viewers would relate better). - Table games could be an option to boost the balance. - Or you could set a stop loss value. Maybe cut the stream short if need be. Sharing with your viewers how to be a responsible gambler. Best regards GiK
  3. @Monkstandinglast If you search YouTube for Live roulette BALANCE BUILDER ROULETTE 5 Reds 5 Blacks £100 start Sharing roulette ideas GROUNDisKEY and click the timestamp in the description 11:35. It'll show the most recent 5 REDS or 5 BLACKS game play.
  4. @MonkstandinglastChanging the number and not losing the plot is a tough one. Knowing your own triggers is a game changer. If you keep doing the same thing when you get triggered and end up losing the balance then a change is needed, look into what you think can help you. It could be as simple as withdrawing the remaining balance and setting your deposit limits. If you place a bet on a set of numbers for a certain amount of spins then change to a different set and your previous numbers hit, if that is the sort of thing that triggers you then stop do not continue do not pass go etc. take a break re-group until you have a plan for when that happens again because it will happen again. Don't be in a rush to recoup losses. Set small targets. If you set a small target and achieve it, ask yourself how difficult was it, if it was a ball-ache to get then stop and be happy with the profit. If you can stick to a plan and expect those losses, missing your numbers by one position is a common factor, don't expect to win every spin or even every time you play. Knowing what to expect in terms of returns for your game play when you hit a number. Knowing how many hits it takes to gain a few units of profit. Knowing your stopping points so you don't blow the whole balance.
  5. Hello, In my experience to benefit from roulette your best bet is to hit and run. Profit and STOP! Setting yourself little targets definitely works for me and has done for a number of years. There's a ton of systems, strategies and game plays out there on the internet of which all will work for a period of time until they stop working. Remember nobody wins all the time. Understanding your game play, know your stopping points when in profit and when losing and your money will last longer and you may even return a few units at the end of your term of play. I enjoy developing short term game ideas for roulette, I'd like to share this one with the forum. Five REDS or five BLACKS in a row I will bet = Zero and four numbers either side (That's 4 through to 12 ). If I don't hit on the first spin I'll place a second bet then stop win or lose. (You can give it a third spin and if that hits and gain profit, sometimes I give it a third spin but not always).
  6. Friday 8th July 2022 HORSES 13:50 Newmarket - War Horse 15:00 Newmarket - Zoffee 15:25 Ascot - Royal Rift 17:00 York - King Of Tonga
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