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  1. Just thought I share a couple cheeky base hits from a little session I had the other afternoon!
  2. Ok, just to be clear. I don’t know if your aware, but once something has been put on YouTube, you can -always- find it, despite a creator taking it down or setting it to private. Data integrity is a thing, but less informed people aren’t really aware of that concept or maybe it’s just a generational thing I don’t know. But just fine the video, take a look. It’s not complicated, it’s not a massive conspiracy, just people with to much time on their hands making shit up and people like you forming an uneducated opinion based solely on your feelings.
  3. It was taken down, because the repeated showed their account details. Despite scotty trying to stop it. there are conspiracy theory f*cknuts, claiming the we’re trying to hide a “test account” window popping up, if they were to have clicked a button/pop up at around the 33 minute mark. Funny thing is that Jamie in his drunk state DOES click the exact button/pop up at around the 54 ish minute mark and it’s just takes him to the cash balances which havnt chance since they swapped sites. for those who don’t know how test accounts work, it wouldn’t of saves such a low random number. basically ignorant people piping up talking about shit they don’t know or understand and using their feelings as facts. The only issue with that is, is that people inherently enjoy drama, so that nonsense gets consumed and spread around despite it being baseless. Just a shame the lads didn’t have the editor blur out the account details and left the video up, so the flaws in the accusation could just be point out.
  4. €13021 highest buffalo king lowest goonies
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