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  1. Sorry for long post!. i have been a customer of ladbrokes online for 15 years and grosvenor for 7 years. In the space of 2 weeks ive been forced to effectively close both accounts. Having gone through KYC (yes despite being long-term customer) both asked for bank statements which i refused to send but just sent them payslips and evidence that it was hitting my bank account. FIrstly LB said they would limit me to £1000 a month and £200 daily deposit limit. I told them to f off*. I can understand them setting a monthly limit but telling me how much per day - a joke. £200 limit would really prevent me from trying to get a big win on say £5 stakes and would last about 10 minutes on a bad roulette run. What peed me off most is during my 15 years ive swung from net loss of 50k to profit of 25k and currently down about 10k and thats over 15 years!. Blow me then Grosvenor also suddenly blocked by account in the middle of having incurred a £600 loss on a slot despite still being up on the day. They said almost word for word what Ladbrokes said and i had to endure a 16 day wait for them to get round to viewing my photo of passport and payslips. They eventually reactivated the account with also a £1000 limit and said they need to see full bank statements showing every transaction. I had a blazing row on the phone with some jerk quoting complete garbage about their "legal obligations under their gaming license" I quoted GDPR at them and the fact the the UKGC only requires a source of wealth check and they were exceeding their data needs in requesting more. He said they need whole statements to ensure im not gambling with other companies. WTF! who are they to tell me WHO i can spend with . Sure they can tell me how much they are prepared to let me lose (!!) on their site but not anywhere else FFS. The call didnt go well and i told them to go f* and hung up. I got an email next day and said they have closed my account and dont want my business any more. For the record , I'll admit that long term it will probably do me a favour but WTF. My Salary technically can support losing 1k at both sites and i would still be good and have a decent reserve for my upcoming retirement. Beginning of the end for UK casinos if this spreads...
  2. i see even the "all action" games have now been removed this week from 2 sites i use - UKGC finally cathing up with them?
  3. before xmas you mighta won a tesla electric car with that...
  4. Finally, Finally Finally - Bizarre situation. Playing Return of Kong, games getting slower and slower, comes up server error. reload game, it drops in Max Megaways With Barrels. Thought id missed everything but it dropped in the Kongs! £2 stakes, paid £4700 on that drop and another £200+ on subsequent drops - Un Fekking Real..PARTY!!
  5. for some reason i like the live arcade night videos..that place you play in is typical of arcades everywhere – looks like a dive and percentages are really poor but you still manage to have a good laugh
  6. Ive been on such a bad run been limiting myself to £50 deposits. After weeks of playing Buffalo and losing finally got a result. Playing on 20p stakes I was down to £6 and got a £32 win so upped the stakes to 40p. Within a tenner I hit £100 win (balance now over 120) so raised it to 60p. on FIRST SPIN!. won another £290!!. Played for bit at £2 (got greedy!) and dropped back to £200 so went down to 80p stakes. Within 50 spins I hit 3 bonuses, 2 over hundred then the dream one 928x! so all of a sudden have 1100 balance from £6 Been well over due...
  7. Best: Opal Worst: Book Of Gods Total win £4975
  8. Me again! Please fix the forum sort order -most recent post first- it might actually make it more usable. When the first item shows no update for 6 weeks then people assume nobody is reading posts and is less likely to bother.
  9. Bizarre run of luck: Was nearly 2k down after dozens of £100 buy ins on various megaways swearing never again. FWIW - WTF is up with the Legacy of RA - 14 buys - 13 losers and one winner. And the losers are mental £100 typically returns £15 at best)..anyway im deviating. Lost last £300 on Fishin Frenzy MW and down to 60p Did a standard spin on 60p and win 7.20 so went to £1 stakes. on 3rd spin i won 10 freespins which returned £420. Cautious of jumping back to bonus buys i started playing on £4 spins - within 10 spins i hit 15 freespins (never seen it in the main game). First spin virtually filled the screen with fish - was trying to do the maths while it counted up 128 ways x£40 !!!!! Yes over 5k. After the shock did one final £200 buy which only paid £12..Thats it done forever with bonus buys. I'll leave it to the professionals Recouperated my year to date losses from 60p unreal. Holiday time..
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