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  1. my favourite moment is when i see you guys are streaming live, always brightens up my evening/morning if i was to choose a particular moment it would be josh winning massive on 300 shields. keep up the good work boys euan.
  2. 300 shields plz..mighty ways..ta euan.
  3. hot chilliways plz...i love chillies...best of luck euan
  4. hot chilliways ..stakelogic for the world euan c
  5. will strips off an item of clothing will drinks at least 3 drinks will sneezes will back hand slaps will accuses scotty of cheating will gets a 0x bonus will holds his head in his hands will swears(very rare unless josh is about with the whisky) haha good fun euan.
  6. scotty 320x baldy 178x #teamrimrattler
  7. since you cant buy kitty glitteršŸ˜, could i request disco dawgs...send it to the land of beanage euan
  8. 300 shields please scotty boy..ta euan
  9. 32k...as always....its going to happen one day.šŸ¤‘..send it, best of luck. euan.
  10. not my favorite provider but i would go for euphoria...at least ive had some beans from it in the past. euan.
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