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  1. Well done mate, I’ve won a couple over the past year.
  2. I can’t find it lol, have the emails been sent out? Cheers👍🏼
  3. Not sure if anyone would agree but After a bonus I would like to see a tab similar to the ‘X win’ showing how much it cost to get the bonus or profit/loss/no.of spins? When watching I’m not always paying full attention while doing other things so it’s difficult to keep up with the balances and would be interesting to see any patterns in different games? cheers
  4. I only ever really play bonanza I’m stuck on the nostalgia of when it paid good bonuses, now I’m only used to constant 10-40x bonuses but last night it finally paid off, purps everywhere with a couple of wilds on a 9x multi. It went krypto
  5. Casino lab and all of their sister sites take about a week to process your first withdrawl, had the same rigmarole with every one of them. After a few days go on live chat and they will tell you it’s processing but miraculously when you complain the money should be in your bank the next day.
  6. It’s the age we are in, most people are on a quest to have someone fired, discredited or financially impacted. There are so many examples, you see it daily with some arsehole with a phone in an employees face making some mountain out of a molehill. Nobody can handle the success of others without their jealousy taking over. As someone said before this guy has clearly lost big and has no idea how to deal with it. everyone knows what affiliate links are for and if you don’t then they are the least of your problems in the gambling world.
  7. Won 2 prizes last month, both paid no hassles, won £800 since December Thanks again to the fruity lads, delighted!
  8. As a previous and current winner I have no issue and see no issue with the time it takes for payment. The giveaways are purely a bonus and the guys don’t need to do them or give away as much. The OP comes across a bit needy and entitled😬
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