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  1. So, we know that slots, are not supposed to be changed after creation right.. ? I've played madam destiny on Mr Q for about 8 months now... had bonuses on £1. to £17.50... hundreds if not thousands of bonuses... Not a single one of those crazy rare retriggers... if you know Madam Destiny.. you know how rare they are... Yesterday, i get a retrigger on 2x, and it added a 5x Today, on £1.25 stake, it takes £250+ before it bonuses... (crazy rare for this game, it bonuses pretty easily) - and the base wins are really really bad. Then i get Another retrigger.....
  2. No other casino i know, insists that whatever you deposit, you HAVE to gamble with. Most other casino's i know.. don't lock the account with a balance.. and will still allow you to withdraw. (they can lock the play) They normally lock deposits. You cannot complain to the UKGC.. they do not take complaints from Individuals. Platin do not allow you to KYC or SOW until you hit £1700 in deposits.
  3. Ok.. so here's the end story with this shite of a casino... This is how it went... Deposit. 1 Deposit. 2 Deposit 3 Win 1k. Attempt to withdraw... KYC requested. 3 days later KYC accepted.. sent me the 1k Deposit. 4 Deposit. 5 Half way through deposit 4, i deposited 5. at that point, they locked the account, SOW requested,. Balance £400 All documents submitted that day. Can't play, can't withdraw. Why can't i withdraw? '' we have a 1 x stake minimum''.. so if you deposit 400, you have to gamble £400. (Anyone know of any other Casino does this crap?) A week later, and multiple emails, SOW accepted, and the 400 released. I win £1800 (see screenshot below). Cash out. (maximum withdrawal £1k per transaction). Get paid. Exclude myself from this POS group as fast as i can. They lost £1800. I have been with many many many Casinos.. this is undoubtedly the worst, and Fruity have dropped the ball Big Time, by recommending this POS Casino.
  4. Wish i had seen this thread before creating an account. same thing happening to me right now...
  5. You guys have this in your 'recommended' section.. with a score of 9.4 I have joined many many casinos in my time, and this site is the worst. Verification is a nightmare. It will take you a week minimum. Customer Service is non-existant.. they have a a contact form on the website.. thats it. They impose daily limits, without even checking your source of wealth. The will allow you to desposit.. then Add a daily limit.. but then won't allow you to withdraw the money you added. (despite all other KYC info in and approved) Their trustpilot score is 2.5 (Poor) Fruity slots obviously took the money, and the bonus funds, and did 0.0 due diligence on the actual casino.
  6. THE slowest forum, i have ever seen.,, with barely anyone logged on. I actually believe the server provider, has 3 interlinked ZX Spectrums running the software. so yea, new host ASAP.
  7. Signed up and entered cos Josh was moaning 😛 Highlight: Video Editor Bromance, and also the Slot Battle Series intro.. very good. Worst: seeing yellow text in video's for people that have no ears. and Multiple Britney Spears in one video. i was sick.. all over the carpet.. yes.. i know.. it was gross. Scotty abosfecking Nailing slots recently...He's had some amazing hits recently. can i have his luck please. Minus point, he's from Yorkshire somewhere.
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