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  1. return to be 2670 (hopefully more) and Joshua to win by KO round 5 !!!
  2. apologies for the terrible bonus on the last bbw! Could i please have either - Legacy of gods MW ( 1 + 3) or Hammer of Vulcan ... Failing that a choice of your own .. cheers scotty and good luck!
  3. i had 1 expansion of 4 ladies and it paid 2500X
  4. Could i have Great rhino megaways please. good luck
  5. 4327 fingers crossed for more though! Good luck!
  6. Could you play " Legacy of the gods megaways" (1 and 3 gamble) or "hot fiesta" Please. thanks and Good look!
  7. Is there any plans to release any 4theplayer megaways games. I love the idea behind many of your games (60second heist being my fave) but to see a megaways version of this or 4 fantastic fish would be cool! When a slot has an option for the "double the chance to win the feature option" is this truly double the chance when its activated?
  8. 2325 although i hope u get more. Good luck!!
  9. 4335 - although i hope for more, good luck scotty !!
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