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  1. 7001 Why not? Got the ball rolling now, Josh may even win money this week.
  2. Privateer Riches if that is buyable, or whatever you are feeling, Scotty. I like pirates and I like riches.
  3. 9 pyramids of Midlothian, Please, Scotty multiply it
  4. I'd like to see some Fat Ribbit (Wild Hop and Drop) on BBW before it is inevitably banned. Volatility taken to the extreme.
  5. Fish in a Foxtrap sleeptalking. Single Bear! Honorable Mentions The first Crazy Time Streams with Vickster were a hoot Josh hits 500x on 0 playing Lightning Roulette
  6. Hallo, Fruitys! Can you do 4 Secret Pyramids? All about the picks. Pick it. Good Luck!
  7. Winner Usyk in Rd 5 by TKO €2109.12 return on the buys (2 stonkers in the lot)
  8. Nitropolis 3 or your pick. Loving the content.
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