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  1. Personally I just couldn’t watch them, I can go on free play on certain sites and do this myself to an extent. there’s no thrill, no being glued to a bonus hoping they will hit something massive to benefit themselves etc. pointless. Stick with the fruitys or hideous. Best entertainment you will get a really good lads.
  2. I’ve had a few monsters on this, cracking game! Nice max win 💰
  3. Starlight princess 👸 good luck everyone
  4. I’d look into playzee casino, always pretty good with bonuses and deposit offers, and a solid game list and overall decent site. captain spins did used to have an amazing new player bonus, again another solid site, not sure long term how good there deposit bonuses are. just my 2 cents
  5. £11.1234 good luck..two are going big!
  6. Morgana FTW! Good luck troops 🤞
  7. Hi, I used to really enjoy..”horder” might be spelled wrong..catchy as fook tune. it seems like it’s been taken away..anyone know why. thanks
  8. 10,1234.56 good luck you fooking legend 👊
  9. Multi fly is going to kick off! good luck 🍀
  10. Never on a school night. Weekends were the perfect time to fill these up 😢 good luck all involved
  11. £4728.22 show me the vouchers…btw I’m a time traveler 👍
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