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  1. finally got bonus on 5th try but still only 15K altogether. Great fun though-thanks!
  2. just wanted to say thanks for the video-great to see the big big buys, and weird to see Jamie being the nervous, cautious one and Josh going for it!! Thanks for all the great content guys-love you all!!
  3. End profit or loss after 5000 spins, (-£850) How many bonuses we will trigger naturally ( bonus buys don't count ) in 5000 spins. 112 Best Bonus. 525x Biggest base game hit. 125x Good luck!!
  4. not clear if you're asking for slot of the year or slot battle of the year so I'll do. both! Slot of the year is Das X Boot and battle was Hacksaw of course Good luck!
  5. £9876 The Doghouse-good luck Scotty lad
  6. first is a lot better-and that first poster is lovely!!
  7. great to see josh back on screen-missed you mate! Good to hear you'll be back live in August-will that be from Ireland??
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