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  1. Some more very good questions - you still have time to ask your question before we choose as many as we can to answer.
  2. Thanks for the questions so far, some great ones in there! Keep them coming and we will pick in a weeks time 😎
  3. A lucky player caught the MEGA fish on 4 Fantastic Fish - winning €14,509.60 on a natural €7 spin! 🥳
  4. Wow! A UK player on 4 Fantastic Fish has caught the ULTRA FISH on a natural £1 spin, landing £10,039.50
  5. One lucky player won £23,484.40 from a £4 Bet (+ £4 Power Bet) on 60 Second Heist! 5,871 X their stake. Wait for that last spin 🤯
  6. Congratulation SLOTAKIA, he had this awesome 3,110 X win on a €1 spin - the face says it all 😁 Watch the video of it here: https://twitter.com/i/status/1488546528927043587 Here it is in 3 stages... 1) Resting Slot face... 2) Shock 3) Happy Days!
  7. One lucky 4ThePlayer player hit a 2,880 X WIN on 3 Secret Cities, a €0.50 spin turned into a €1,440 Win! We hope the player enjoys their winnings 🙂
  8. One player will be having a Christmas to remember after hitting the maximum win on 90k Yeti Gigablox - a huge 90,000 times their stake! Congratulations to the luck player - we hope they enjoy their winnings! Read more about it on our website: https://www.4theplayer.com/news-big-win/90k-yeti-gigablox-delivers-a-90000-x-max-win/
  9. One lucky player will be celebrating after winning this astronomical $75,000 from a $1 spin on our 90k Yeti Gigablox™ The player was casually spinning in the main game and suddenly encountered the mythical Yeti on a 5x5 Gigablox during the Big Giga Summon feature, creating the awesome win! 😎
  10. Congratulations, great win and yes you are right this game can really pay 😁
  11. A lucky player had this 10,455 X win on 3 Secret Cities on a €0.50 stake, creating a €5,227.50 win! Congratulations!!
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