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  1. Kodiak Kingdom, or gorilla game of your choice.
  2. £5,964 28 bonuses £3 average 71x a bonus
  3. 5 lions megas 10 spins always. Or kodiak Kingdom for a more not so chosen slot. Best of luck for movember, and hope you reach the target.
  4. Kodiak Kingdom or Vegas megaways
  5. Nice to see It works for someone, as starlight screwed me.
  6. Will it be me finally.... 5 lions megas 10 spins always
  7. Stake logic have some great games, but I love book of adventure super stake, as it just gives a bonus randomly
  8. A few big wins and only played a few times, the potential is massive in this game, and the retriggers are unlimited. Sadly only on megaways casino and jackpotjoy.
  9. It has to be when you least expect a stream and that notification comes through, and you night of entertainment is sorted. I love every moment of the fruity content, from BBW to Sunday battles and all the streams in between. Best of luck for all the videos, and I hope you smash some big wins.
  10. Have nonidea about the boxing and i hope you win a lot more than this Scotty. Well done for all the content and amusement for us.
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