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  1. Definitely Jamie landing a bonus on 0.25p play money by opening the wrong game during the bonus hunt when you were all together πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  2. 2817. Sorry it’s so low got a bad feeling 😬😬 hope I’m wrong!!
  3. When you get too excited to see Jamie back.... πŸ˜‚
  4. Dazzle me megaways stejames 😘
  5. Finally got my first 1000x, on centurion megaways. Only 6 spins on caesars free spins but after a few cascades on the first few spins was on a x12 multiplier and it threw coins all over the screen. I thought that must be decent expecting it to come up at like Β£80 but was Β£220. Absolutely chuffed with it!
  6. Volatile Vikings please Scotty! Good luck
  7. Fancy tombstone for a big win tonight scotty! Good luck regardless!
  8. Mega masks is still probably my favourite relax gaming
  9. I really like what they’ve done with hippo pop where if you land the bonus from the base game it’s a no lose gamble, that certainly is better for the uk market. Another option for them could be the ability to start the bonus with the additional spins anyway, with a special trigger. For example with tiki/bounty where you have scatters landing, each extra scatter is more spins (as per a lot of games) Then with the likes of cherry pop where you need to max out the reels each additional win once reels are at max could be an extra spin? Even if it was pretty rare to land, I feel at least knowing that it’s possible to do so would encourage uk players to play them more. The belief that you might not have to gamble the bonus to get more spins (even if rare) would surely only encourage people to play more? And in terms of favourite mine is definitely still cherry pop
  10. Β£4171 2-2 draw. Good luck lads
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