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  1. Yeah I have no luck on higher than 50p but good wee run
  2. 10p on big bamboo and 20p on bushido ways
  3. Can I have the new elk propaganda thanks man good luck 🤞
  4. Cheers man need to try catch a live session been manic at work hope u getting the Gary’s
  5. 274x n a wee chocolate hit , good day n office lol hope u guys are good
  6. Hi fruity guys hope all good can I have some banana town for Gary’s
  7. Opal fruits Allways for the Gary’s
  8. First time getting bonus n went one spin mental
  9. Hi Scotty boy long time hope all well n fruity fam bashing it out can I have foisom prison plz good luck 🤞
  10. Hey gl everyone n can I have anything hacksaw keep it fruity lads
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