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  1. Andy 6358

    Max win

    Tbh one of the wins hit 10k and my brain didn’t even register it I just thought yeah that’s a good hit after watching it back the last spin would have been fucking huge if the game wasn’t capped there it looked better then the 10k one but I ain’t bloody complaining I can tell ya that soon perked me up
  2. Andy 6358

    Max win

    Thanks mate was a bit of a shock tbh
  3. Andy 6358

    Max win

    Woke up hanging this morning after being up til 4 and kinda maxed out Folsom prison
  4. Andy 6358


    Sorry I didn’t realise I posted pics of the same bonus on itero there was two of them
  5. Andy 6358


    Couldn’t believe it when I hit these within an hour of eachother been trying years for that triple wild
  6. These are the set rtps of Christmas carol megaway on coral and video slots tge 94% one is video slots does anybody know which casinos are still running the 96% versions of play n go and pragmatic games
  7. Mate I’ve built them all up and give it at least 2000 spins if not more I give it 100 spins everytime I deposit in hope some sessions if I’m winning I’ll give it another go it’s so hard to hit
  8. I’ve built the mini features up on this game and since then not hit one free spins should be called 100001 spins before free spins land
  9. Mate you’d like to think after the super bonus tease you at least get a half decent bonus
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