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  1. Come on Scotty lad , it’s time to pick me . I promise I’ve been a good boy this year where’s my Christmas gift
  2. Love the stream , anything with Santa wilds I like . Hope for some big wins for you boys tonight
  3. Got to be top dawg for me . You guys rock keep it fruity lads
  4. 9656 best has to be Santa sackage 3clown worst
  5. 1 plus1235 euros 27 bonuses 167x biggest bonus hit 189x natural hit
  6. Love you guys so entertaining and I’m so happy December is going so well for you .
  7. Sunday morning slot grind after days of losing was the best thing I’ve seen . And he said he didn’t do grinds . Loss after loss until the very end and then boom boom boom .. 20 grand . That was beautiful lets give a collective congratulations to you Jamie I know you needed that and god knows we all wanted to see it .. (church reference) . well done my man . Cheers to you
  8. He’s only got a got a bloody bozukka .. love the streams boys . A real slot streamer team x
  9. Introduced the dunce hat . The loser of the weekly slot tournament has to where it all week during there streams . Can only take it off after a jackpot .. 😆
  10. I sank the grand ship for the jackpot on 20p spins
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