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  1. Got steamed last night. Went in casino. Stuck 20 quid in. Like an idiot I was pressing 5 quid spins instead of 1....due to been steamed. Then this happened after a few spins
  2. been the greedy bastard that i am i did wonder if it would of gone for even more had i picked the extreme volatility feature, what do you reckon scotty?
  3. managed to get 3 super bonuses naturally inside an hour the other night, only this one paid huge but they were all half decent. only ever had 1 super before naturally i didnt think they existed 😄
  4. some decent wins there and very lucky well played mate, ive always found the fishing games to be very tame so i steer clear of them, give me some sexy no limit city base wins anyday 😄
  5. nice i usually only get 50 free spins at 10p a go every single time on this lol
  6. jesus the fuckers in the uk cap pub wins at £100 lol, gotta find a casino for wins like this live over here. nice work
  7. can you approve my other 2 big wins during that slow sesh please scotty, some decent viewing for ya 😄
  8. best thing is i was hoping for bamboo instead, wasnt expecting wilds one little bit 😆
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