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  1. Hi Guys feel I'm really missing out by the UK now allowing bonus buys - anyone had any experience in using EU casinos via VPN - how does it work? any issues? withdrawls work OK, etc? thanks!
  2. Hi Guys anyone had this issue before?...... was doing a mini bonus hunt - got the bonus on Euphoria and exited back to home screen to move onto next slot but when I went back to Euphoria to play out the bonus I just get this message 😞 Ive logged in from different devices, different IPs, different browsers etc but nothing seems to fix - I can even play this game anymore. I flagged with Ojo who are supposedly investigating but has been a couple of weeks now so not holding out any hope will get fixed
  3. Finally remembered to take a pick of a decent win!! £1641.66 @ 60p spins
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