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  1. I only deposited £5 and was down to about £2 and hit it so always feels good when it happens 😬
  2. Didn’t expect that from 20p 🤩
  3. Please may I have iron bank or your choice pretty please 🙏
  4. I can’t stop playing danger high voltage coz I’m a geek
  5. Scotty vaping up his nose, and Jamie watching with absolute hysterics. Comedy gold. Congratulations on the 40k I appreciate all you’ve done and content you’ve given us and I look forward to the journey to 80k 🤭
  6. The editors choice for me defo do more of those and give him the biggest credit for all the editing he does on the vids big love ❤️
  7. Happy holidaysssss for the win 🎅🤶
  8. Wow nice one! Nice to see you can win decent on a small stake. I gotta give this slot a go
  9. Yeah I won one of the last months giveaway so I’m buzzing, hoping it goes in before Xmas 🤶 I spent my deposit last night just expecting the bonus to be added and when I asked about it they said as long as I haven’t spent the deposit they could refund it 😂😂 bit late . It’s a shame because I doubt il do anymore deposits at that casino now
  10. Ah I never thought of this, I obviously have signed up to quite a few casinos and if I see one in the giveaways that I haven’t I always think it’s worth a £20 deposit as I have a chance of a giveaway prize and most casinos do a 100% match bonus. I just thought it was a personal thing but your reason makes more sense but yeah some kind of heads up would be nice just so you know where you stand and gives you a choice of signing up still or not bothering, thanks for giving it some thought I just took it personal lol
  11. Has anyone ever had a casino refuse to give you the sign up bonus. I signed up to play luck as a newbie as I wanted to enter this months giveaway and I didn’t get the new sign up match bonus and when I ask live chat they said due to a management decision they’ve refused my request 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ve never had this before just seemed strange
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