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  1. lol Will playing Rasputin slot 653ec1fae85ff30007428e69.mp4
  2. Good luck to all entrants and those chosen if chosen all any answers if not in chat will be 2nd, any options in game middle and any picks more than three 1-2-3 lol
  3. big bass hold and spin always good Good Luck to all entries
  4. Eye of Horus Golden Tablet, hardly played/requested but has massive potential still to land some mega garrrrys Good luck to all who enter tonight
  5. Maybe something different no played for a while King Carrot for the garrrrys Cheers Good Luck to all who enter
  6. 6102.83 return HOPING FOR THE 10K DREAM THOUGH Good luck to all entries
  7. Closest amount: 5398.24 Pays the most: Fruit party 1037.23 Pays the least: Feeding Fury 221.21
  8. You could, when doing a live BBW night introduce the youtube magic 8ball extension and when you have done the random draw use the !8ball command to ask if that entry should be played If no= move on to next and go back to that entry next asking the same question should it be played until it says yes or you run out. If yes= play entry as normal Entries that do not go through to be played maybe add them to a list for a redemption superbuy chance on their slot choice as a kind of mega chance compensation thing using the RNG site as normal(I think you know what I mean there lol)
  9. Being conservative with the guess tonight 3167.78 Hoping for the 10k dream though Good Luck to All who entered
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