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  1. Always pay in small stake but good win 😀
  2. Pretty good win 😀
  3. Polite request to fruity slots. You know we love you guys and always follow you. Any casino that you guys recommend, we believe and join. But this casino is absolutely crap. Hardly any games, bonus is stuck with very limited games, website freeze quite often, message appears No Host or No Address found, games hardly load, games stop while playing as it crashes. Been for chat and as usual was told to check my Internet connection lol. Told him that I have BT Halo2 which is The fastest at the moment lol. So please before you add casino, make sure that you check everything. Many thanks
  4. I am sorry to say but slot of the CENTURY is TOMBSTONE RIP lol. Just saw biggest wins and fuck me! It's just CRAZY hahahaha. Come on fruity you got to hit this ONE
  5. 45 bonuses Best bonus hit 2000 x Base hit 105 x Profit 2001
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