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  1. £6,913 for me, minor loss but keep your chin up sonny jim!
  2. If they’ve got it, the Microgaming version of Halloween. if not I reckon tigers glory ultra will smash it.
  3. I will go for John Stones to score a header first, and 3-1 to England.
  4. Got Very.com open in the other tab ready to splash out on some new pants!
  5. So tell me some good games for wagering as I now have a balance of £72 and wagering of £3,000 lol
  6. Not a clue, but may the odds be ever in your favour!
  7. In the words of Victor Meldew, I don't believe it! (literally)
  8. Entered, Sword of Khans this month because I smashed in a nice 450x earlier in the month 😉
  9. Party casino username is jweeks1985 (I hope!) had a banging 500x in the base on that game the day it came out, enjoy boys
  10. Ah okay, thought it was a similar deal to what just happened to the Genesis group recently
  11. As above, have had a slew of emails from various of their casinos (CasinoEuro, Betsson and Betsafe) all saying something like: IMPORTANT NOTICE Please note that we have informed the Gambling Commission of Great Britain that, with effect from 10:00hrs on 21 October 2020, BML Group Limited has ceased providing gambling services to players located in Great Britain. BML Group Limited will continue to trade in other jurisdictions, but not in Great Britain. Which means that there are less casinos for streamers to promote and use in streams. I am unsure if the Fruity boys use any of these, but a heads up just in case!
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