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  1. @Fruity Scotty yeah I know just all the reviews online saying the same plus live chat down etc but yeah much appreciated. All the best.
  2. @Fruity Scotty I think they sorted it no pending withdrawals I just checked why have they got no live chat just automated bots. Everyone going mad shame decent site aswell. Anyway cheers for getting back to me just got worried.
  3. @Fruity Scotty Afertoon, They haven't asked for documentation my withdrawal has been pending for 4 days now if you see the reviews online everyone saying the same there live chat is just a bot all phone lines are down getting worried now I've emailed no reply
  4. signed up through your link to Spela. Can you help me get my withdrawal processed there live chat is down just a bot all the complaints online I'm getting worried 3 days still pending I'd appreciate if you could get my withdrawal processed as I signed up through your self's thanks.
  5. 1. Centrion 2. jamming jars 3. Punk rocker 4. Dance party 5. legacy of dead
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