Greentube announces new Match 3 Slot Game Called Jinxy

4 June, 2019 by abenezer

In an effort to expand its Match 3 style slots games category, Greentube has released a new addition to the list: Jinxy. Through an official statement, the company’s CFO and CGO called the game “one of the most innovative slots Greentube has ever launched.”

The new game is designed like typical Match 3 games except matching three or more symbols wins you real money. Triggering certain symbols earns you free spins while multipliers can increase your bet tenfold instantly.

While introducing Jinxy, Greentube invited casino players to play the game for its innovative and thrilling features.

“Go on a magical slot journey like never before,” the company said in an official statement. “A Match 3 slot which combines thrilling features and innovative gameplay that truly puts players to the test.”

Sure enough, you Match 3 playing tips may be required to win free spins and real cash in Jinxy but not a must. As the official statement read, it’s through dragging and dropping the game’s symbols around that you increase your odds of winning.

“There are no ordinary win lines or reels to spin in this slot,” Greentube explains. “Players have to make their own luck. How? By dragging and dropping magical symbols around a grid to try to line up three or more matching symbols to make them disappear.”

How to Win Playing Jinxy

Greentube also shared tips on how to win the Jinxy game. The Cross, Bell and bomb symbols are the most powerful symbols in the game. When triggered, they explode all nearby symbols, helping form potentially huge money winning symbols.

“A keen eye is also needed as players should always look out for the three special symbols that add even more spice to this phenomenal slot,” the company hinted. “The Cross, Bomb and bell symbols can explode or transform regular symbols to increase winning chances!”

The bomb symbol appears first and transforms 12 or more characters depending on its position. Several winning symbols are then formed. However, you only win money or free spins if the symbols form in an L-shaped or T-shaped pattern.

When the bell symbol explodes, it clears all surrounding characters and replaces them with bar symbols. If five bells appear horizontally or vertically, you win. The bell exploding also triggers other winning combinations but they must also match vertically or horizontally to be counted as real money wins.

The Cross, like bells, destroys all surrounding characters in columns and rows. As such, you’re not guaranteed winning symbols will be matched only that there is a high chance of this happening. Of course, if you match five matching symbols in a row or column you win.

Greentube’s Jinxy Alternatives

Greentube didn’t start providing Match 3 style slots game long ago. In fact, Jinxy was released together with three similar games: Sparkling Fruit, Secret Trail, and Jewels Match 3 games. The company plans to promote the relatively new category of slots games and turn it into a mainstay phenomenal like Megaways and video slots have become.

While announcing the start of its Match 3 branch, Greentube described it as “casino entertainment at its finest” and encourages online casinos to embrace the games.

“Match 3 is casino entertainment at its finest and the best part is that we are giving operators the chance to attract a broader audience through these,” the company’s CFO, Michael Bauer, said.

Like all other slots, an RNG is used to form winning symbols in all the aforementioned slots. Good strategies can help increase your odds of winning but the slots are not as skills-reliant as Candy Crush Saga and other Match 3 games out there.

“The possibility to win is purely random but to collect your winnings, symbols must be matched, allowing players to immerse themselves in the captivating, and truly innovative gameplay,” Bauer confirmed.

More Games to Come

Greentube isn’t done providing Match 3 slots yet. After describing Match 3 slots as “the most innovative casino games on the market,” the company is set to release more slots later this year. The brand’s goal is to provide games that will cater to different players’ needs.

Greentube also recognized complaints that Jinxy and its sister games aren’t endowed with as many bonuses features as most players would want. The company promised to remedy this by adding more bonuses and extending gameplay in its upcoming Match 3 slots.

The company has a good reputation of listening to players’ contributions and including them in future games. Players excited about the new Match 3 slots but fear they may not be rewarding to play can stay hopeful knowing upcoming games will be more entertaining and easier to win.

Greentube is also an established company and holds a superb reputation for making good games. A subsidiary of Novomatic Interactive, Greentube has been providing online games since 1998.

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