Potty Mouths!! Live Stream Chat – Pls Take Notice!

28 December, 2018 by abenezer

Hi Fruits,

After speaking closely with our team at YouTube who have reviewed a lot of our live chat logs, we have been advised that it must change.

Myself and Josh will be the first to admit we have encouraged and fueled an open chat within reason, compared to many other streamers whilst not allowing it to drop below an obvious level.

However, the tone that has become normal and regular for our chat is not acceptable by Youtube’s rules and our Casino’s that we play at are affiliated too. We have already lost one Casino partner due to the nature of our channel and language/chat and simply cannot afford to put the channel at further risk but losing more/all Casino affiliate partnerships. With this in mind that nature and content of our live chat needs to change immediately.

After speaking with both Youtube and our casino account managers we decided to take a close look at Slot Professors stream last night ( 27th Dec ) without commenting and noticed that even though we have created a fantastic Fruity Slots community there is basically zero focus on the actual point of the channel in the chat which is slots and gambling.

Whilst Prof was talking directly about our latest giveaway we are running with Push Gaming and Unibet, people were talking about anal sex….quite seriously…. We are all for banter as I am sure you know but this feels our streams and live chat is slowly becoming just a forum for flirting and crude sexual comments.

We do not expect the chat to be solely slots, slots and slots constantly as that is not realistic but our chat is VERY different to other streamers who no doubt wouldn’t accept 95% of what we allow.

So we need to start falling in line with other gambling/streaming communities and making our chat more focused about what we have created which is a gambling and slots channel.

Whilst some of you may not like this approach or deem it contradictory to what we have started going forward there is going to be much less tolerance over what we allow said in the chat, especially related to sexual content.

From tonight, the streamers will be showing this forum post as we MUST protect our Fruity Slots channel and it needs to be taken seriously. All the MODs have all been informed and also need to help spread this message so that everyone understands…

We don’t want to have to be timing out people and banning people from chat but this is a NECESSARY change we feel we much adhere to do in order to keep and grow our Fruity Slots Channel. We hope you understand that.

We want to reiterate that the chat can still be fun and entertaining and different to most casino streams but we must raise the tone and ensure it does not primarily lose focus on what the channel is all about.

All our streamers will be reiterating this continually and mentioning it if they see the chat going down a path we deem inappropriate.

Sorry if this doesn’t work for everyone but once again it is something we have to abide with in compliance with both Youtube and our Casinos we promote.

Thanks for taking the time to read

Josh & Jamie

P.S. We have more leniency with the Fruity Slots Forum so topics such as Fruity Flirting can remain open for action!



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