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Scottys Back Baby!!

Cometh the hour, cometh the man!

He’s back!

After going awol so far in 2019 the mad Yorkshire man Scotty returns to join fruity slots live streams.

After we made the decision to strip back our stream team last month and revert to just myself and Jamie we didn’t foresee the issue of Jamie getting side tracked and bogged down with other work commitments which has restricted him from live streaming.

Seeing that I (Josh) can’t hold the fort on my own it made sense to find cover for Jamie and it just so happens that Scotty was ready to jump back into the hot seat.

As you may know Scotty stopped streaming at the back end of 2018 due to personal reasons but always wanted to return. Thankfully for us his return couldn’t come at a better time.

If you were not lucky enough to catch Scotty streaming on Fruity Slots before here is a highlight video from one of his previous streams!

However this time Scotty will be streaming on behalf of Fruity Slots and using our funds to stream. Again, due to personal reasons which will be up to Scotty to discuss or not he made it clear that the financial stresses of streaming 2 or 3 times a week was not something he was comfortably with at this point in time. But since Jamie is not going to be streaming much we decided that we would allocate streaming funds to Scotty to keep the channel going strong.

Scotty of course will receive incentives, earning through his own affiliation links and will be routing for big wins that he will share a piece off but we wanted to make it clear that the funds he will be using to gamble with will be given to him by us, so let’s just hope he doesn’t rip through our bankroll as quickly as myself and Jamie are capable of doing!!

When the times right and Scotty is comfortably returning to gambling his own funds he had made it clear that this is something he wants to do.

We look forward to having Scotty back on the roster and like we mentioned in our last blog, this was never going to be “the end” of the fruity stream team.

We hope there will be more cameo appearances or returns from some of the other streamers in good time.

I hope you all get behind and support Scotty as much as you have done to myself and Jamie.


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