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Fishing Frenzy

Fishing Frenzy

Our general opinion on this game is that it’s a good slot but can be very tilting to play.
To activate the bonus round you need to land 3 scatters anywhere on the reels. It is possible to land 5 scatters although it will not pay more money for more scatters much like other popular games such Danger High Voltage or Captain Venture etc.
During the free spins a fisherman becomes active. If the fisherman lands anywhere on screen he will catch any fish that also lands on any reels during that spin. If 2 fisherman land on the screen then each fisherman will catch the number of fish shown, doubling the amount won. The higher the stake the higher the amounts that the fish have to offer and vice versa for lower stakes.
What makes this game particularly infuriating at times is that if you are lucky enough to trigger the free spins  (which are not frequent) the Fisherman might never appear at all during the bonus round. Or even worse, he appears every spin but no fish appear along side the reels for him to catch and provide wins. This can result in a 0x bonus.
Free spins cannot be re triggered during the bonus game. You will most likely find yourself playing this slot for the free spins as it doesn’t offer many big wins on the base game. You might hit the odd 20x in the base game but it would be poor choice of games if your going for wagering on a deposit bonus or welcome offer.
On the flip side, for the average win during the bonus game the cost it normally takes to get the free spins is often paid back from the feature. Like any slot though it does offer big potential as sometimes during the bonus it will throw fisherman and fish on the reels nearly every spin resulting in massive wins.
We would advise this slot to players wanting a bit of fun on low stakes. Playing high stakes can be dangerous, especially if the slot is ‘cold’ since there is nothing more tilting than landing a bonus after 200+ spins for a 0x bonus….



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