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Being an online slot with a medieval slant, the Ivanhoe game opens with a fanfare of trumpets before a stampede of horses gallop past. Once the intro is complete, three reels appear in between two trumpeters. Put simply, Ivanhoe slots are designed to put you in the century of a 12th century jousting arena. Fortunately for you, the only opponent you’ll have to battle with is three reels and a payout table where prizes start at 80 credits and hit the heady heights of 300,000 credits.

Naturally, if you’re going to enter the theatre of conflict, there’s a price to pay. Again, fortunately for you, the price isn’t your life but bets. At the lowest level, 0.20 credits will set the three reels in motion, while the max bet of 100 credits is on hand for those wanting to bank a bit more. Once you’ve chosen your wager and decided real money play is for you (rather than Ivanhoe free slots), you’ll have 17 ways to win.

Why is Ivanhoe a Hot Slot?

On the face of it, Ivanhoe online slots games don’t look hugely impressive. With only three reels in play, the overall flow of action appears a little lacklustre compared to the industry’s five-reel options. However, Ivanhoe slots have one advantage over those produced by other developers: dynamic betting.

Put simply, when you play Ivanhoe slot machines, you’ll be able to place simple single bets at a fixed stake or implement a betting strategy. By clicking on the options menu, you’ll see four strategies. Each one will increase and decrease your bet in a certain way based on a variety of variables:

Optimiser: The bet level changes according to the pre-set percentage of your bankroll you want to wager i.e. as your bankroll increases in size, the bet size will increase because the percentage will be bigger.

Leveller: The bet size increases by two steps after five consecutive losses. Your bet size then resets to your starting level after a win.

Booster: The bet size increases one level after a loss until it reaches four levels above the starting amount. It then resets after a win.

Jumper: The bet size increases one level after a winning round until it’s four levels above the base amount. It then resets after a loss.

These betting strategies are unique to Ivanhoe slots (well, they’re unique to Elk Studios slots) and they’re one of the main reasons this spinner is perfect for seasoned players looking to get more value from their bets.



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