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Kitty Glitter

Kitty Glitter

So what makes this game so interesting and different!?

The graphics are not great.  The base game doesn’t pay great. The slot sound affects are pretty annoying.

Despite all of this we this game is amazing. Everyone has their game preferences but this game is one of the only slots where I can honestly say I’m in profit.

Kitty glitter has 5 reels and 30 Paylines.  To trigger the free spins bonus you need to land the kitty bowl of diamonds on reels 2, 3 and 4 which awards you 15 free spins.  Free spins can be re-triggered in the bonus game for a further 15 free spins. You can get up to 225 free spins although the most I’ve had after playing this game for years is 45.

The main aim in the free spins is to land the diamond on the last reel, this acts as sort of accumulator for turning cat symbols wild.

3 Diamonds will turn White Persian cats wild on reels 2 to 5
6 Diamonds will turn Orange Tabby cats wild on reels 2 to 5
9 Diamonds will turn Calico cats wild on reels 2 to 5
12 Diamonds will turn Siamese cats wild on reels 2 to 5

This game is all about the wilds. If you can manage to turn all the the cats wild you are talking massive money! The re-trigger is very rare and even if you manage to land it, without many cats wild there just isn’t that much point as the pays tend to be low without the wilds.

The bonus can pay you 10x, or it can pay well over 1000x. Its big variance but a lot of fun when you get the free spins and lots of wilds.

On the flip side this is not a good game for wagering as the base game can hit your balance quickly if the slot is cold. That said, the bonus is not too hard to hit considering the massive potential of the free spins.

You can hit big on a 30p stake for everyone that likes to play for a bit of fun. Or for the high rollers out there you can go huge on £300 pound a spin!

We find Kitty Glitter a massively exciting game when the free spins land. All you will be shouting during the bonus is “Come on diamond, Come on diamond!!”