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Canadian Ken

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DHV King

Hi, my name is Ken or you may know me better as Canadian Ken. As my name says I hail from Canada.. More specifically I live on a small island in Nova Scotia called Cape Breton Island. If you never heard of it you should try and google it!

Anyways about me.. I’m 48 years old and have one child.. He is now 25 and doing great in his own right. I have been placing bets to some degree for the better part of 30 years either through sports betting, poker, or slots. I can’t say I came out on top of those bets over the 30 years but I have had a couple decent big hits including my ‘notorius’ DHV hit in the high voltage feature. This win is how i really got closer with the fruity slots team and streamers as i will explain.

I was betting 80 cents at the time off line (tot streaming at this point) and i hit a massive 8250 x. You can see the win in the wins of fame gallery here.  I sent this picture into the fruity slots facebook page and got chatting to the boys pretty quickly. I then started regularly watching their streams and became a mod, known as King Of DHV! I had always been interested in streaming from the moment i started watching the boys and when they told me they wanted to expand the channel I jumped at the chance.

As it happens on my first ever stream with fruity slots i started on DHV as you would expect and went on the smash in this monster win straight away – staying true to my name!

So that’s my claim to fame when it comes to online slotting. I hope you catch you guys on my streams. Come in and ask me anything you want about slots., Canada, or anything in general. Much love and keep it fruity!