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Linz Spinz

10:30 - 13:00
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Fruity Slots is live!

Fairy Slot Mother

Hey up it’s Linz Spinz your very own Yorkshire pudding! aka Lynnsey aka Fruity Slots Fairy Slot Mother.

You may know me more from being a chat moderator for Fruity Slots since Feb 2018 just as the Fruity boys were building their followers.  I came upon their youtube channel as a recommendation while watching David Labowski who is also a favourite of mine! I’d been watching the likes of Rocknnrolla, Labowski, and Nick slots for quite a while, all very different streamers each with their own qualities. As with fruity slots I found their streams very entertaining, i adore both Josh & Jamie and absolutely love it when they stream together.  I don’t think there has been a stream where I haven’t laughed!

Any way enough about those streamers and a little about this one, Linz Spinz!
I’ve been slotting online for 2/3 years I really enjoy it, I love games with random features like the Red Tigers. I feel I need the slot to entertain me rather than pay huge, this obviously might change the more I play but currently I see it as paying for entertainment.  I like the barcrest big bet games such as Legend of the Pharaohs which to date had been my biggest win (3k ).  My recent big win was the explorerBook of Dead bonus – giving me 1132X!

Whilst I enjoy online gambling I love the land based casinos, the sounds and atmosphere when those big win bells go off or when the Fort Knox randomly drops in I find really exciting! Same as with roulette.  I love to play that in the land based casino rather than on line to me there’s just something about feeling the actually chips and cash rather than virtual!

I love challenges, I regularly do the slot battles online which really got me involved more into online slots, I’m excited about the Fruity Slots Stream team challenges even though I lost the first one.. bloody heck!

Out side of the gambling/fruity slot world, I’m quite a creative person. I’m a cake decorator, studied this along with floristry in college although i preferred the cake decorating and grew a successful company out of my hand skills #thinkwhatyoulike

I’m chuffed to be part of the fruity slot stream team and I’m loving streaming!

I play my way and getting the chat involved, looking forward to learning more about slots along my streaming journey rather than sat at home quick spinning then to bonus ha ha..

Any way enough about me #stayfruity LinzSpinz xxx

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