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Slot Professor

14:00 - 17:00
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The Einstein Of Slots!

Hello, my name is Christian (Slotprofessor) and I live in Sheffield, UK. I am 44 years old and have been playing slots for over 30 years. I have always loved strategy games for many years and even though slots are all random, I love the design of slot games and how much they have grown over the years. I also love Horse Racing as it was something I used to do with my Grandfather and Father. So you will see me talk a lot about the design of slots as it is something I would love to do.

My Stream

I have a wild time for the start of streaming which I always wanted to do, as I believe I can provide some different viewpoints that what is currently out there. I have played so many slots and understand RNG well. RNG is often misunderstood by many and its interesting to me how much of players have various crazy theories. Its been an interesting start with many highs and lows already. I have many things that I want to setup very soon to hopefully give you a unique experience in my streams. I am looking forward to presenting you with a trio of streaming days of Horse Chat and Challenge, Slot Gameshow and Slot Chat. All of these events will hopefully create a new experience between myself and you.

I’m a strong believer of any slot CAN pay and will try a whole range of slots. This means I have slots I like and dislike but will not mean I play the same slots all the time. I love new games and will always try those as well as talk about them all the time. I will talk about volatility, variance and frequency a lot as I’m quite mathematically minded. All these things will be on the website very soon as I will be doing reviews, news and articles for Fruityslots website. I will try and answer as many questions as I can that you may have about slots in general so feel free to talk to me on stream. So please come and join me live on stream for some exciting times coming …..

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