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20k X on DoA2

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    90p bet

    20k X win


    Not me though unfortunately, wish it was.

    My 4 times on High Noon on £2 netted a grand total of 350x.

    is nearly 20k x the highest ??

    Also on that same vid I saw Jamies return on Primal.

    Haha his face though.

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    Mental May !!!

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    Mental May indeed.

    Although tonight I had my £20 bonus on wink slots ( no idea why i got it as I hadnt been on the site in months )

    So i played 300 shields for the first time at 75p a go.

    Hit the bonus and had no idea what was going on really.

    I got to level 4 and had won £75 quid by that point so i was happy.

    Next thing was £360 quid then £420 and so on for spins.

    £1356 win but I thought id have to wager it.

    But it wasnt in my bonus account it was pure cash.

    So i took out a grand.

    Im mainly sports betting and occasional slots.

    I enjoy watching the fruity slots streams though as its a laugh.

    I dont want to put money into slots though but I have a flutter with my bonuses or sports/poker wins.

    I have so many accounts though but even when you dont use them they email you and give you free spins or bonuses.

    Id say this to any gambler. Use the offers and bonuses as much as possible.

    Take your chances but don’t push for a win.

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    insane game!

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