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Fruity F##k up's make my day

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    Hi Team ,watched most of you over the past 10 weeks and commented a few times .Wish to say thanks for the last fund raiser for kids who have lost their dads . My partner of 26yrs died that weekend and all i saw was my 15yr and 22yr and wished Australia had that help.
    The bits that have got me through are the fruity f##k ups and the chats,banter huge wins and major tilts (not so much ) had to google what it meant .Scotty and the bloody spinion dance was a classic .Linz was the best as Jamie i watched it like 3 times PMSL ,Ken staying on for 9 hrs
    The Orrs huge win and off course The 2 bosses.
    I watch every day ,night and often up till 3-4am watching passing the night away so thanks all
    keep it fruity !!!

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    The lovely Emma first of all i’m sorry for your loss xx
    Thank you for taking time to write such a lovely note, and it was a pleasure to be involved in the charity weekend its close to my heart too this charity and hope we do more for them in the future.
    This is great to see that you are enjoying the streams esp the fruity fook ups, we love having you in chat you are now part of the fruity family xx
    much love #stayfruity Linz

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    So happy that we are here for you Emma. I hope that we can provide even a little distraction at your most trying times… Much love from all the friuty family of which you are a big part of.. Please keep coming back and even stop in and say hi to us occasionally..

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    Scotty hooch

    Hey Emma
    If you ever fancy a chat about anything at all at any time you can always whisper us, email us, face book message us and we will always have time for a chat any time of the day.
    I’m glad we have helped you through such a difficult time. Xxx

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    Thanks all ,
    just wanted to highlight you are entertaining, funny and not for sympathy (flowers and Chloe bags are accepted )
    Life is shit sometimes and i am lucky i can watch and feel party of a very “special ( in many ways ) fruity family .
    get to laugh at Gav and Kellie (will they meet and marry ) will Claire win at Bingo (love bingo even have the bingo arms )
    Josh and Jamie just bloody brilliant Josh and winning a fortune (oh shit is that 40 quid ,did i just win 40 quid ) Jamie im involved one more hahaha .
    The Professor and his reindeer hat and his f##king chair that everyone wants and how can he sit there for 3 hrs and not go pee ??
    Thanks Emmarami

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