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Fruity Slots Xmas & New Years schedule!

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    Stay tuned for plenty of Fruity F**k Ups for this holiday season….

    Streaming live on Youtube & Twitch EVERY NIGHT AT 8pm with a few extra day streams chucked into the mix.

    ? Will you be a Fruity Christmas Raffle Winner?

    Fri 21st ⛄SlotOrrs
    Sat 22nd ? Scotty
    Sun 23rd ? LinzSpinz
    Mon 24th ? Slot Prof 1pm
    Mon 24th ? Scotty
    Tues 25th? Jamie
    Wed 26th ⛄ SlotOrrs
    Thur 27th ? Jamie
    Fri 28th ⛄ SlotOrrs
    Sat 29th ? Scotty
    Sun 30th ? LinzSpinz
    Mon 31st ? Slot Prof
    Tues 1st ? Jamie

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