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New Years Resolutions – To gamble or not to gamble

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    Just wanted to put a post out there to see what people’s New Year resolutions were?

    Are people looking to stop gambling or be a bit more cautious. Or are you in complete control and chasing a rare and monster win on a particular game.

    I myself after all the ups and downs am ending the year just under £11k down and will not stop gambling, but aim to get back those losses in the new year (yes i know, you should never chase your losses). I’ve got 12 months and got my gambling log ready for the new year.

    Going to try and play more slots rather than just go blow it on roulette spins or stupid crazyy bonus buys, where a big win can happen but can quite easily rinse your balance quicker.

    So what are you aiming for in 2019?

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