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Watching streams keeping yourself calm.

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    M and E

    Are you gambling less or more yourself if watching streams or videos playing online slots?

    In some way I started to play less and even plan my budget better. Because I could see that its not easy to get a big money easily. We always trying and hoping but sometimes things can change in other ways.

    Thanks for real thoughs and funny comments during the streams.
    We can gamble for fun. Only then we can be smiling and happy.

    Took me 6 years of gambling to get it.
    Not talking about 00.000 losing:)

    Just be carefull.

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    Keep up the good work chaps

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    Got to see it as entertainment
    Play with what you are happy to loose in a sense you have paid for your own entertainment you have still enjoyed slotting/gambling and if win then that’s a bonus!

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