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Home - News - Turning a £6 spin into £6600 in 6 minutes!

Turning a £6 spin into £6600 in 6 minutes!

From Rags To Riche Wild...

Like every slot player out there we dream of hitting the Jackpot. Its like that moment you buy a lottery ticket and then find yourself fantasizing about what you would if you were to win and become a millionaire.

When you realize that its never going to happen, praying for a big win whilst playing online slots is a your next best (and more realistic) hope. Some players may never hit a win that pays over 1000x but i was lucky enough to do just that, on one of the most popular games Book Of Dead, at £6 a spin!!!

Take a look at the video player to see this mega win spin in and my priceless reaction. 

It was a mixture of elation and shock.  A feeling so synonymous of hitting a big win when gambling, something you never really expect to roll in.

We still had a fair bit of wagering to crack through before we could turn this bonus money into real money but were lucky enough to continue our run good and ended up cashing out over £10,000 from a £500 deposit.

Since posthing this first big win on our channel we have been fortunate enough to record numerous other monster hits with our 1000x+ win count now reaching nearly double figures!!

As a new channel, hitting a massive win at such a big stake so early on is really lucky. It gave us some money to play with and fund the videos ( which can be a costly affair ) and most importantly momentum to roll into future videos and getting our content out there in front of the right audience.


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