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24 October, 2019 by josh-fruity

Live Streaming On JUST Twitch In November!

For anyone who has watched our live streams over the last few weeks you may have heard us discussing the fact that we will live streaming ONLY on Twitch in November, rather than both YouTube and Twitch.

This has obviously irked some of our YouTube subscribers who watch our live streams regularly and for various reasons may not want or even be able to watch us on Twitch. We have explained our reasons for doing this but instead of continually repeating the same things over on our chat during the live streams i thought i would highlight the main points and reasons for us deciding to try Twitch only for a month.

Please bear in mind that we have not made this decision lightly and are thinking about what’s best for the channel overall and over the long term.

  1. We have been advised directly from our contact at YouTube and Google that YouTube still has uncertainties around gambling content. Live streaming puts the channel at more risk than uploading videos.
  2. We are far bigger on YouTube than we are on twitch. We want to narrow the gap between the 2 platforms.
  3. Uploading YouTube videos effects notifications that get sent out. Trying to upload videos (bonus compilations, stream highlights, big wins etc) interferes with live streaming notifications and vice versa.
  4. We plan to upload more content to YouTube. More compilations, more challenges, more engaging and different types of video content. We want to use YouTube more for this and Twitch more for live streams. The more content we upload on YouTube the more it will affect notifications.
  5. Twitch is first and foremost a live streaming platform, designed for live streaming. They offer much greater options regarding running engaging and interactive features during a live stream than YouTube. Things like points, polls, raffles, click maps etc.
  6. We can offer more giveaways and loyalty points to viewers on Twitch than on YouTube.

Those are some of the main reasons (i forgot to mention we can play live music on Twitch also).

We plan to see how things go and will make a decision at the end of the month on how we plan to proceed.

One thing is for sure. Even if we decided to continue this for longer, we will still DEFINITELY run some live streams on YouTube in the future. Things may no go as we hope and plan and there is every chance we revert back to normal in December. But we want to give it a go.

I hope you all understand. We plan to use YouTube to release a lot of varied content and mix things up a bit! Watch this space!


Written by josh.fruity

Last modified: September 21, 2020

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