Fruity Slots Welcomes The Casino Brothers!

10 December, 2020 by josh-fruity
welcome casino brothers

Back in November, we announced via the forum that we were searching for an English-speaking, European streamer to join our team in a bid to branch out and grow our channel to reach a wider, European and International audience, and as luck would have it, we found two. Bonno and Nathan have officially joined Fruity Slots as our two new casino streamers, and we’re very excited to have them. 

Bonno and Nathan are brothers from the Netherlands who had previously streamed on a smaller channel, TheCasinoBrothers on Twitch. Their extensive know-how of online slots will undoubtedly make them great additions to the team, and we hope that you’ll join us in giving them a big Fruity Slots welcome.

What we’ve built over the years is truly something special, and the dynamic we have with each other and our viewers makes it all worthwhile. At Fruity Slots, we’re always looking to grow and improve, and Bonno and Nathan will be integral in making that happen going forward. 

We’re looking forward to new horizons, continued banter and good times with our existing viewers, and welcoming new ones. 

They have seamlessly fit in have proven to be very popular and welcomed by our Twitch viewers.

Adding a fresh dynamic to the channel, the brothers have a very chilled and calm approach to playing slots, something we don’t always see from Josh, Jamie and Scotty. On top of that they have already shown their willingness and enjoyment from grinding long sessions, with Bonno putting in a mammoth 8 hour session last week.

Within their first week the pair have already smashed in some great wins that you can see below.

You can catch Bonno and Nathan streaming separately and together, and the new additions will mean that you can get your Fruity fix 7 days a week! 2021 is looking to be an exciting one, welcome to the team guys.


Written by josh.fruity

Last modified: December 10, 2020

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