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  2. Joined and wagered £20 on vegasland!
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  4. I have signed up on two casinos heyspin and vegasland
  5. Hi this is my wife’s account Jaime Fitzsimmons, we both play and use same email for gambling. I’m Scott Fitzsimmons and have signed up to Play Sunny through you guys. My email is *****@*****.tld
  6. This game is ridiculous 😂
  7. Signed up, deposited and wagered on playsunny
  8. Yesterday
  9. Got steamed last night. Went in casino. Stuck 20 quid in. Like an idiot I was pressing 5 quid spins instead of 1....due to been steamed. Then this happened after a few spins
  10. Last week
  11. Deposit with duelz for this giveaway getting loads of stick from them for my bonu..
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