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  2. Golden fish tank 2 if already picked deadwood. Thank you 😊
  3. Today
  4. Crypt of the dead please scotty if not your choice
  5. Midnight marauder please scotty or money train 3, your choice mate, good luck everyone
  6. Money train 3 or banana town please sir wizard of all things slot related.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Hey guys can I get cloud Corsairs or diamond megaways if already picked you choose good luck 🀞
  9. Ohh nice! I've played this on stream abit. Nothing like this though. Well played.
  10. Woo finally got chosen, but it was a poor choice 🀣 could I please have deal or no deal bankers bonanza or if that doesn't have a buy temple tumble πŸ₯° thanks Scotty!
  11. They might since you never benefited from spinning max and let it slide this once since this is obviously just a mistake which as you said was only two spins until you noticed where as if you had done a full session of max spins then they would count it as trying to "beat the system for advantage play" and void the wagering and possibly any winnings. Although it really depends the casino site's decision maker and based off how others have been in a similar position fingers crossed I'd be inclined to say they would let it slide this once with a warning of "don't let this happen again, remember you are responsible for staying within the wagering terms and conditions". Does this site have a forum attached to it? Maybe someone on there has done the same thing and their outcome of the site's decision in favor of letting it slide which in your future correspondence with them if they decide the worst outcome you could quote the thread to them
  12. Last week
  13. Hey Scotty, can we try Money Train 3 please? If not, you choose for a big win 😎
  14. Sorry for my poor choice... First time I have been picked in ages and the game choice has changed each time. Please could we have Temple of Treasure Megaways 1 and 3. Hope it makes up for the last choice πŸ˜‰
  15. Rick And Morty Megaways Please πŸ™‚ If it’s gone, Your Choice, Bring home the Eurenies!
  16. Rick and morty please mate or a slot of your choice
  17. Fruit Party 2 or King Kong megaways please me old fruit
  18. Scotty boy, book of duat if possible, if not some dead or a wild dual bonus
  19. Dead rider's trail or buffalo toro plz Scotty
  20. The one that has the flamingo and tucan thing or slugger time please
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