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Online slots are known for their harmonious tones, glamorous graphics and reels that spin incredibly fast. Unsurprisingly, they are the most popular games on nearly all casinos across the world. Still, online slots UK can be confusing to beginners. They are games of pure chance, after all, and yet are attractive to play so much that they can hook you for hours. So, what’s the secret ingredient that makes these games awe-inspiring and at the same time, mysterious?  
Before we delve deeper into the world of online slots, below is a list of the most popular Slots in the UK 2020. Feel free to sort them after your preferences and read more about them in the dedicated Slot reviews. You won't find bigger slot geeks out there than Josh, Jamie and Scottie from Fruity Slots! [lwptoc

How do We Rate Online Slots?

Online slots developers create these games to provide a smooth gaming experience, whether you are a newbie or a veteran player.
They use multiple features-akin to a motor vehicle that works together to give you a memorable ride.

These features are what we look at and analyze to pick out great online slots from seas of bland or poorly-developed machines. For clarity, below are some of the most important features in a modern video slot:

  • Return to Player Rate (RTP)—it describes the percentage of wagered money a machine pays back to players in the long haul. The best online slots UK have RTP rates of 95% to 99%. 
  • Betting Features—pay lines, limits, adjustable coin sizes, automated betting, and the number of reels all contribute toward defining a great slot. Ideally, the best games combine these features seamlessly to suit the needs of different players.
  • Bonuses and Multipliers—Generous slots tend to have multiple bonus symbols that appear frequently. They also feature multipliers that increase your potential winnings immensely.
  • Splendid Visuals and Sound—Top slots have a mix of appealing visuals and attractive soundtracks. If they have brief video intros, they feature top-notch resolutions and music tones you can enjoy listening to.
  • Unique Theme/Storyline—Today’s slots come with fully-developed stories based on sports, movies, video games, and TV shows. Against that backdrop, a good slot could immerse you into the world of football and let you simulate a game as you chase goals, clean sheets and real-money wins.

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Our Expertise in Online Slots

It’s true. Anybody can play online slots in the UK and offer advice about them. However, not everyone plays these games weekly to
analyze them from an expert point of view. That’s where our slots streaming experience comes into play.

Not only do we spend multiple hours of streaming slots on YouTube weekly, but we are always trying new games. As a result, we can confidently identify entertaining games from boring ones. We can pick machines that hit frequently from mean ones and show you what to look for in a good game.

Our Biggest Ever Slot Win

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Different Types of Slots

UK online slots come in many types, from classic three-reel machines to today’s 5-7 video slots. Below are some of them:

  • Classic Slot Machines
    Armed with three reels, classic machines were based on the original slot invented in 1895. They feature a few symbols that you match on the top, middle or bottom row to win.
  • Standard Video Slots
    In addition to five reels, video slots have more advanced graphics, more pay lines and higher rewards. They also feature high RTP rates and unique themes.
  • Progressive Jackpots
    These games feature a jackpot that increases daily until someone wins it. They work by taking a small cut from every bet made and then adding it to the grand prize. Typically, they have pretty long odds.
  • Megaways Slots
    Invented in 2016, Megaways are new types of games from Australia-based Big Time Gaming. They feature 5-7 reels and have as many as 117,649 ways to win. You heard that right.
    These games give you thousands of ways to win. What’s more, some pay you up to 50,000 times your bet. To put that into context, a £10 bet could result in £500,000. 
  • 3D Slots
    3D slots feature the realistic imagery of today’s video games with the exciting betting features of slot machines. As such, they have features through which symbols like fruits and bars appear to leap out of the devices for a more exciting experience.

Difference Between Low vs High Volatile Slots

The beauty of playing online slots UK is that you can choose games based on how frequently they payout. In casino terms, a game’s payout frequency is called volatility or variance. 

  • Low Volatile Slots
    Low volatile slot machines payout frequently but in small amounts. They include games like Starburst, Thunderstruck II, Guns N Roses, Wild Scarabs, and Blood Suckers. In many cases, these games also have low betting limits (0.1-0.25 cents) and high RTP rates.
  • High Volatile Slots
    High variance slots pay up in decent or significantly high amounts but sparingly. That means you might have to spin their reels dozens of times before you win. But when you do, it’s an amount to be proud of.

Examples of high variance slots are all Book of Dead, Dead or Alive, Raging Rhino, Gonzo’s Quest, and nearly all Megaways slots.

Crucially, you play online slots UK on both mobile and desktop devices. That applies to both low and high volatile slots and regardless of whether they are Megaways, video slots, or classic games.

Mobile Slots Experience  

If you are like an average Briton, you spend 24 hours on your smartphone every week. And if your work involves using a computer, you spend up to 40 hours online. In light of these statistics, slot developers have designed their games to run seamlessly on all mobile devices.

Whether you use an iPad or an iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy S10, or a cheap android smartphone, you can play online slots UK conveniently. But what’s the experience like?

Same or Better Experience on Desktop?

Contrary to popular belief, mobile slots have all the features their desktop counterparts have. They feature stunning graphics, adjustable betting features, gripping storylines, and sensational soundtracks.

That means a good mobile slot creates the same hair-raising experience as a good desktop machine. Similarly, a boring game will have the same impact whether you play it on your smartphone or Mac computer.

High Payout Slot = More Fun, is that True?

In many cases, high payout slots provide more fun than low paying games. However, some people often skip high RTP games to play low-paying classic games to reinvigorate old memories. Again, others opt for average-paying games just because they have a mega jackpot.

That said, you have the highest chance of winning from a high payout slot machine. So, if you have a dream of winning a fortune from a gambling website, look out for games with RTP rates closest to 100%.

Back to the fun factor, best payout slots tend to incorporate a myriad of features that make them exciting. For example, Gonzo’s Quest has a cascading reels’ feature that triggers winning symbols continuously. It also features multipliers that magnify your profits during bonus rounds.

Bonuses aside, high payout slots have storylines that spice up their gameplay. With James Bond—the slot, you have to find clues and complete a series of missions to trigger free spins and multipliers. And in doing so, the game becomes more engaging.

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Are Online Slots the Most Played Casino Games in the UK?

Yes, online slots rule the UK’s remote gambling world. To put that into context, they make up 65% of all casino games played in Britain and generate over £1.7 billion in revenue annually.

To expound on their dominance, below is an outlook of how popular different casino games are in the UK:

  • Slots—65%
  • Table Games—15%
  • Card Games—7.8%
  • Others—11.8%

Unsurprisingly, online slots are the most popular games on most online and land-based casinos worldwide. The only place where slots aren’t the most popular games in casinos is Macau—where baccarat is the primary money maker.

7 Things you Need to Know About Online Slots

As mentioned earlier, the beauty of slots is that they come in all sizes and shapes. However, you might want to keep these facts about them in mind:

  • Volatility determines how frequently you win
    We talked about this fact earlier. When choosing a game, decide whether or not you want to win regularly but in small amounts or sparingly but in decent amounts. Both types of games have their pros and cons, so choose judiciously.
  • They Payout at Varying Rates
    This is the reason why checking a game’s RTP is essential. You want to know if it pays well before you risk your money on it. In the online casino space, the best slots have an RTP of 95% and 99%. These are the games you should target.
  • Slots Bonuses Have Terms and Conditions
    When you get an invite to claim free spins or money to bet on slots, read the terms and conditions first. Crucially, look at the wagering requirements, the maximum cash out limit, validity period, and contribution games. Of course, pick bonuses with the most favourable terms.
  • Slot Outcomes are 100% Random
    No matter what anyone says, you can’t manipulate the outcome of modern slot machines. They have robustly programmed software that produces winners randomly. As a result, no amount of experience can help you skew the results of slot machines.
  • Slots Hide their Best Rewards in Bonus Rounds
    Many slots have two rounds: the base game and the bonus round. Logically, you begin by playing the base game. However, triggering a bonus feature takes you to the bonus round where you stand to win the best rewards.
    As a result, always strive to trigger the bonus round whether you are playing a progressive jackpot or a regular video slot. It’s the place where you trigger most free spins, multipliers, and, of course, pots.
  • Some Slot Developers are Better than Others
    When it comes to payouts and fun features, the software provider matters immensely. That’s why many experts advise that you pick games from top-rated software creators like Netent, Microgaming, Play’n GO, Betsoft and Playtech.
  • They Can Payout Incredibly High Amounts
    When we say slots are the most popular casino games, it’s not just because they have beautiful graphics and are easy to play. These machines payout incredibly. Progressive jackpots, in particular, payout up to £20 million. So, on your lucky day, you could win a life-changing amount of money from a slot.

Learn How to Play a Slot Tournament

In case you are wondering, slot tournaments are a real thing, and they are precise as you can imagine. Usually, a casino brings multiple players together to compete on winning the most amount of money within a specific amount of time.

Players are charged a fixed ‘buy-in’ amount—let’s say £20, £50 or £100. The house then sets a watch and allows them to compete in a group of slots loaded with betting credits.

As such, you don’t have to worry about budget issues during competition. Instead, your focus is to win as much money as possible. In some casinos, however, the rules of slot tournaments vary.

 Some operators have tournaments whereby players compete with their money. The competitions can take hours, days or weeks. However, the winner is whoever accrues the biggest winnings over that period.

Casinos with Great Slot Game Selection

To experience unlimited fun around slots, consider playing on these UK online casinos:

  • Voodoo Dreams Casino
  • Party Casino
  • Leo Vegas Casino
  • NY Spins Casino
  • Slot Nite Casino
  • Playzee Casino
  • Casoola Casino
  • Slot Planet
  • Mr Play Casino

These casinos rank amongst the best gambling websites in the UK thanks to professional management. Precisely, they provide high paying games, offer bonuses, payout to winners fast, and provide reliable customer support. 

Jackpot Slots

Jackpot slots are games that feature preset grand prizes. They come in two variants:

  • Random Jackpots
  • Progressive Jackpots

With random jackpots, the grand prize remains the same at all times. Starburst slot machine, for example, has a preset jackpot of 250 coins. Mega Joker, on the flip side, features a jackpot of 800 coins.

Progressive jackpots, on the other end, have prizes that increase over time. They also tend to have bigger payouts, often millions of pounds. In case you are wondering, this money comes from the money people bet. 

The slot machine just cuts a small amount from each bet and sums it into a jackpot. It does this repeatedly until someone hits the jackpot. After that, it resets to a smaller amount and begins the cycle again.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much can you win from Online Slots?

Jon Heywood, a former soldier from Cheshire, holds the record for the biggest online slot win in the UK. He set the record in 2015 after playing and winning £13, 213,838 from the progressive jackpot Mega Moolah. 

Outside of the UK, at least two more people have won over £15 million coincidentally from the same Mega Moolah slot. Still, that’s not the maximum you can win. Some games have jackpots with upwards of £20 million.

Are UK Slots Rigged? 

The possibility of UK slots being rigged is close to none. That’s because UK online casinos provide games from software providers handpicked by the Gambling Commission. That means these developers have been audited to confirm that their games are fair.

What is the Maximum Spin in the UK?

The maximum spin varies from one game to another. But in general, many slots have a maximum betting limit of £500. A few games let you bet up to £1000 per spin but only if you are a VIP customer.


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