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How We Review Online Slots


Online slots don’t always need to be particularly innovative in order to be scored as a good slot game. We know that much is true from the multitude of Megaways slots that don’t quite push the inventive boundaries, but still wow us with their formidable potential and gameplay.

Innovation does however make an online slot game stand out from the crowd, and features that bring something new often bring with them an exciting new potential and playability. Sometimes they also act as a foundation for online slots yet to come, with notable examples being Yggdrasil and Avatar UX’s PopWins mechanic and Big Time Gaming’s Megaclusters.

Fun Factor

Gambling should never be used as means to make money, but rather as an enjoyable experience. Because of this, Fun Factor is one of the most important aspects of any online slot, which we obviously consider in our online slot reviews. Exciting gameplay, base game features, versatility and bonus game features are paramount in our minds when judging the value of any slot.


Creativity goes hand in hand with both Innovation and Fun Factor! Great visual aesthetics, sound and general design is as important a factor as any when reviewing online slots. First impressions matter after all.


How likely is it that an online slot will be popular going forward? Often the successful and unsuccessful slot games are separated by this factor. It’s why slots that have employed thrilling features, designs and ideas continue to wow today, and why others fade quickly into irrelevance. All of us can name a few infamous favourites, and it’s likely that some of these are older games that have withstood the test of time.

Online slots like Riders of the Storm by Thunderkick, with its breathtaking lightning feature and exciting Bonus Round, or Opal Fruits with its psychedelic design, unfathomable potential and nail biting action are prime examples of games that have gone the distance. Isn’t that what you’d be looking for in an online slot review? We sure do!

Variance x Volatility

Variance is one of the biggest factors taken into account when reviewing online slot. Not everybody likes high variance slots. Some prefer slot machines with low variance, which pay out little and often as opposed to big and infrequently like high variance games can. Whichever your preference is, rest assured we always look closely at it.

Sometimes high variance slots have potential that doesn’t quite make sense, like extremely volatile slots that have low maximum win potential, which we’ll always call out. Both of these concepts are referred to regularly in the world of slots, and both terms are often used interchangeably.


Playability is another key aspect that we consider in all our online slot reviews. Have you ever played a slot game that lags so badly that it becomes unplayable?

Or a slot that has an annoying ‘tell’ when the bonus is about to land, ruining the surprise and excitement factor? All of the little things on their own may not be much, but together all of these things come together to form a substantial and important part of each and every slot game.


Online slots that have massive potential gain a lot of interest from players, and rightly so. Some slot games like Money Train 2 have absolutely massive maximum win potential.

Usually, games with huge top wins are fiercely volatile. Potential x Volatility is taken into account when we review a game to ensure that the maximum win and the volatility are consistent with each other.

Updated Scores

Scores for online slots reviewed by Fruity Slots may change from time to time. There are several reasons a slot score may have changed, such as changes to the RTP of the game, general change of opinion if the performance of the game is different from when reviewed.

Or even big wins from readers or ourselves live on stream! The score are generally set pre-release when the slot review occur, and slot games may often change before a final version is released publicly which could impact the score.

  • Hype
  • Expectation/reality
  • Big wins on stream
  • Big community wins

Fruity Slots Scoring System

Fruity Slots carefully consider scores based on a multitude of different factors. When we review online slots, we make sure to fairly consider all of these aspects and compile a total score based on both the pros and cons of the game. Our 10 point system gives insight into our opinion of the slot at the time of review, and the increments between scores. Let’s be more in-depth with how we review online slots:

0 – 1.9  Unplayable
2 – 3.9 Horrible
4 – 4.9 Bad
5 – 5.9 Average
6 – 6.9 Fair
7 – 7.9 Good
8 – 8.9 Great
9 – 10 Outstanding


Online Slot Review Status

At Fruity Slots, we break Slot Reviews down into 3 categories. These are Complete, Preview and Teaser.

  • Complete Slot Review – A complete slot review is done once we have fully tested the online slot and all the features it has to offer. Complete reviews may still be updated if information or experience with the slot game changes
  • Preview – With Previews, we’re aware of the game and some of the features it’s likely to have, but we don’t have enough information to conduct a thorough and fair review
  • Teaser – We’re aware of an upcoming slot but currently information is very limited. These slot reviews will be updated to Preview and complete as more information becomes available.

We’re always keeping an eye on upcoming slot releases, so teasers and previews will soon become full reviews once we have access to a version of the game that allows us to conduct a thorough and fair review