Razor Returns Slot Review

Witness the terrifying jaws of the Razor Shark in Razor Returns, the hugely anticipated sequel from Push Gaming! Push Gaming takes the Razor series to new depths with more features and hidden treasures than ever before for those daring enough to dive into shark-infested waters.

Razor Shark has swum the oceans as the apex predator since its release in 2019 with memorable features and huge potential, and now they’re back to show the world they’re still as mean as ever. In fact, they’re meaner. It only seems right for Push Gaming to ensure its position atop the food chain by giving the sharks some terrifying new tools.

Razor Returns transcends the original game in more ways than one with crisp new visuals, incredible new features and unbelievable potential. A bigger grid and collector, multiplier and the all-new converter feature make Razor Returns deadlier than you’ve ever seen it, and deadlier than anything Push Gaming has made to date.

Razor Returns truly does evoke fear and excitement simultaneously, and we can’t wait to see it in action. Join us in our comprehensive Razor Returns slot review for an insight into what could be the biggest game this year!

Razor Returns Slot Base

Razor Returns Slot Demo Gameplay

Razor Returns Slot – The Base Game and Features

Razor Returns Slot is a 5×5 slot with 5 symbols per reel and 40 pay lines, double what Razor Shark offered.

To form a win you’ll need at least 3 of any identical symbol to connect from left to right along any pay line. The Wild Shark symbol returns once more as a substitute for all paying symbols. This does not substitute for The Mystery Symbol, Torpedo Symbol and Instant Prize Symbol.

Razor Returns Slot is very much like the original so far. The foundations are very similar, so fans of the original will get that beloved Razor Shark experience right from the get-go. The first indication of something new comes from the Push Bet. The Push Bet increases your base bet by 10% to increase your chance of winning the Free Spins feature.

However, this is no reskin. Razor Returns Slot welcomes back some great features and introduces some deadly new ones.

Mystery Symbols

Mystery Symbols are present on the reels in stacks of 5. These can land anywhere on the reels in the Base Game and in Free Spins. When mystery symbols land, the Nudge & Reveal Feature begins.

Nudge & Reveal Feature

The Nudge and the Reveal feature opens up the Mystery Symbols to reveal paying symbols, Wild Shark Symbols or Golden Shark Symbols.

If the Mystery Symbols reveal Paying Symbols, any existing win lines are paid. The ‘Seaweed’ as it came to be known, will continue to nudge downwards with each spin the player makes. On every spin, the process repeats until no more Mystery Symbols are present on the reels.

Razor Reveal Feature

Razor Returns Reveal FeatureThe Mystery Symbols may reveal Golden Shark Symbols during the Base Game of Free Spins. When the Razor Reveal Feature is triggered, each position containing a Golden Shark Symbol will spin through different prizes.

During the Razor Reveal Feature, the following symbols may land:

  • Instant Prize Symbols
  • Multiplier Symbols
  • Collector Symbols
  • Converter Symbols
  • Nudge Up Symbols
  • Torpedo Symbols


Razor Returns Slot Golden Shark Symbols

Instant Prize Razor ReturnsInstant Prize Symbol

Instant Prize Symbols are bet multipliers. The values possible are: 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 25x, 50x, 100x, 250x, 500x, 1000x, 2500x, and 5000x

Multiplier Razor ReturnsMultiplier Symbol

When the Multiplier Symbol lands, it will multiply the value of all Instant Prize Symbols and Collector Symbols on the reels by the Multiplier Symbol’s value. The Multiplier is then removed from the reels.

The Multiplier Values are: 2x, 3x, 5x and 10x.

Collector Symbol Razor ReturnsCollector Symbol

When the Collector Symbol lands it will collect the value of all other Instant Prize Symbols and will transform into an Instant Prize Symbol at the end of the current respin. All Instant Prize Symbols are removed from the reels when collected. This empty position will then spin through all of the possible prizes.

Razor Returns ConverterConverter Symbol

When the Converter Symbol lands it will spin through paying symbols that are on the reels but are not part of the Mystery Reveal Feature. When one of the symbols lands, all of the paying symbols of the same type are converted into Golden Shark Symbols before continuing with the Razor Reveal Feature.

When the Razor Reveal feature ends and the next game round takes place, all converted symbols are converted back into the initial paying symbol so that they may form any possible wins.

Nudge Up Razor Returns

Nudge Up Symbol

The Nudge Up Symbols can land only in the Free Spins Feature.  Each Nudge Up Symbol landed causes the Mystery Stacks to nudge up by 1 position.

Razor Returns Slot – Free Spins

The Torpedo Symbol is the Scatter Symbol. Landing 3 or more Torpedo Symbols anywhere in the Base Game and/or during the Razor Reveal feature will trigger Free Spins.

  • Landing 3 Torpedo Symbols will start the Free Spins feature with 1x total multiplier
  • Landing 4 Torpedo Symbols will start the Free Spins Feature with a 5x total multiplier
  • Landing 5 Torpedo Symbols will start the Free Spins Feature with a 25x total multiplier

The Razor Returns Free Spins round has a gamble feature whereby players can try their luck for the chance of a higher prize.

When this is triggered, the gamble wheel is presented with No Prize segments, and segments with a higher prize than those won already. The maximum starting multiplier is 100x.

When Free Spins begins, reels 2 and 4 are filled with Mystery Symbols. For every spin, the Mystery Symbols will nudge down 1 position, which in turn increments the multiplier by 1. The total multiplier applies to all wins, and will continue until there are no Mystery Symbols anywhere in view.

Razor Returns Free Spins

Razor Returns Slot – Bonus Buy (Non-UK Players)

Razor Returns comes with many different bonus buy options for those who can take advantage of them.

  • 3 Torpedo Free Spins – 106x the bet (96.27% RTP)
  • 4 Torpedo Free Spins – 186x the bet (96.52% RTP)
  • 5 Torpedo Free Spins – 550x the bet (96.78% RTP)
  • Random Free Spins – 200x the bet (96.51% RTP)
  • Razor Reveal – 500x the bet (96.68% RTP)

The Razor Reveal Bonus Buy Feature guarantees 25 positions filled with the Golden Shark Symbols.

Razor Returns Razor Reveal Bonus Buy

Razor Returns Slot – Our Verdict

Razor Returns Slot is a true Push Gaming masterpiece if we’ve ever seen one. It has absolutely everything that made Razor Shark amazing, plus so much more. It’s Razor Shark through and through, but with a hint of Big Bamboo to increase the potential significantly. We’re not often in absolute awe of a slot before it’s even released, yet with Razor Returns we’re borderline speechless.

You feel a wave of nostalgia as soon as you load it up as you’re reminded of the original, but you’re presented with a version that is so much more crisp and clean. The wave of nostalgia is soon dwarfed by a wave of excitement as you look to explore depths yet unexplored. This sequel must have been particularly high pressure for Push Gaming considering the popularity of Razor Shark, but they’ve delivered at each and every turn.

Push Gaming has introduced just the right amount of features to make Razor Returns easy to understand, but also significantly more appealing than the original substantially more capable. When Jammin’ Jars 2 was released it was very popular, yet the Giga Jar grind felt a little intimidating to some. With Razor Returns, we can’t see any possible reason why you’d return to the original game. Razor Shark holds a special place in the hearts of many, but this is just better in every conceivable way.

Even as we look at the statistics we’re blown away by what Razor Returns can do. At 100,000x the bet as a maximum win, it stands out as the deadliest Push Gaming so far.

The slot enthusiasts in us want to scream and shout about Razor Returns and its brilliance all day long, yet we must advise caution in these dangerous waters. Losing the gamble option is the mental equivalent to the physical pain of being ripped apart by a shark, so bonus buy players beware.

Overall. Razor Returns is truly magnificent. It’s undoubtedly a true contender for game of the year.